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Conmet is an industry-leading producer of various items related to brake systems, such as aluminum castings, wheel ends, and plastic components. The company is more or less a specialist in the industry, producing only items related to a few key categories rather than generalizing and producing a wider array of items.

That practice has enabled Conmet to become one of the go-to brands for thousands of truckers the world over.

Conmet's aluminum castings are among the best in the industry. Not only are they lightweight and flexible, like good aluminum products should be, they're also exceptionally durable and capable of taking a beating. That makes them great for incorporating in brake system assemblies.

Conmet also works closely with a variety of different original equipment manufacturers in order to produce a large number of OEM-compatible pieces, parts, and hardware. That means that the company is capable of not only producing original, aftermarket products but also the exact items that drove you to this search in the first place.

Although the company doesn't produce parts in a wie variety of categories, the options that it provides for the categories of aluminum and plastic parts are quite expansive. Whether you're looking for a solid aluminum casting for your hub assembly or some kind of flexible plastic material for some other purpose, Conmet has you covered.

We also offer free ground shipping on the majority of Conment items, so you can rest easy knowing that shipping is already taken care of.