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Product Description


Features & Benefits

  • Superior thermal management prevents overheating for enhanced performance
  • Optimized weight-to-strength ratio, improving vehicle efficiency and fuel economy
  • Proprietary alloy construction ensures exceptional durability and wear resistance
  • Extended service life reduces maintenance costs and increases uptime
  • Offers reliable braking under various conditions ensuring unparalleled safety
  • Designed for perfect fit, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal functionality

ConMet Brake Drum

The ConMet Brake Drum distinguishes itself through its exceptional thermal management capabilities, which significantly reduce the risk of overheating—a common issue that compromises braking performance and longevity. The advanced design of this brake drum features an optimized weight-to-strength ratio that not only contributes to overall vehicle efficiency by reducing unsprung mass but also enhances fuel economy. What truly sets the ConMet 10014756 apart from the competition is its proprietary alloy construction, which offers superior resistance to wear and tear, thereby extending the service life of both the drum and accompanying brake components.

Product Attributes

Axle Position Front
Lead Time 10 days
Weight 94.312 PG

Additional Information

Country of Origin (Primary) CN
UPC 00810004772236
VMRS Code 013001023

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