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About Buffers USA

Buffers USA is committed to helping customers meet strict schedules and delivery timetables and maximize business’ efficiency, profit, and return on investment. It supplies the North and South American markets with over 6,500 unique products for chassis, containers, trailers, trucks, flat racks, and ships. This company helps shippers maintain the quality of their cargo during transit by providing products that reduce spoilage, prevent cargo shifting and accidental or intentional opening of containers, and replace damaged parts and accessories of your fleet.

Founded as an independent company in 1989, Buffers USA has a long and productive history in the industry, which can be traced back to the Swedish company Buffers AB, an early player in the intermodal hardware development arena. Buffers USA carried out its ancestor’s tradition of innovation and engineering expertise. This is one of the reasons it became the go-to brand for people and businesses looking for products and solutions that will help improve their fleet’s performance and cargo shipping efficiency.

Buffers USA Parts

Buffers USA believes that with more solutions and more products in inventory, customers are presented with more ways to secure containers and protect cargo. The engineers and parts specialists at Buffers USA always anticipate market and customer needs, so they make sure to constantly develop unique solutions and redesign existing hardware to improve performance and business efficiency. At present, there are over 2.5 million Buffers USA parts in inventory, strategically distributed in its four convenient and fully stocked warehouses across the U.S.—Houston, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Jacksonville, Florida; and Los Angeles, California.

Cargo Control Solutions

Buffer USA’s cargo control products are offered in various sizes, lengths, and working load limits to properly secure the load in your flatbed truck, flat rack, and van trailers. This product line includes winches, winch bars, and winch tracks that can be used to help rescue and pull a stuck vehicle back uphill to help it get back on its feet and provide slow yet calculated inputs that are often needed in these tacky situations.

Also offered under this category are web ratchet strap assemblies, utility straps, and tie-off straps that guarantee industrial-grade strength for reliable cargo securement with the help of some hardware. These Buffers USA cargo control solutions effectively prevent heavy cargo from shifting or falling during the move.

Anti-Theft Products

When securing your cargo, van trailers, tractor-trailers, and shipping containers, Buffers USA has got the most comprehensive product for you to choose from. This company engineers a wide variety of one-time-use seals, clamps, and tamper tapes that you can use to protect your cargo and determine unauthorized opening of containers and packaging and securing door rods and latches. There are also wheel lug nut indicative seals that comply with the requirements of U.S. Customs and are effective in preventing the use of tires for smuggling contraband.

Buffers USA also creates reusable security solutions, such as glad hand and locks, which prevent hook-up of airlines in trailers, trucks, or chassis and lock rod handle lock that prevents accidental turning of lock rod and drilling of handle rivet. Also included in this product selection are kingpin lock, container door lock with key, trailer door hasp assembly, and in-cab tractor air control lock. Whether you get reusable or one-time-use components, you are assured of durable and best-in-class Buffers USA parts that you can use to protect your cargo from thieves and accidents.

Chassis Twistlocks and Pin locks

Buffers USA is also a well-known manufacturer of chassis twistlocks, pinlocks, and bolster end castings. Its twistlocks for flatbed trailers come in different types like retractable and non-retractable and height extender or height-adjustable series. This brand also takes pride in its comprehensive line of world-class solutions for flatbed trailers, chassis, and special applications for cargo bodies and flatracks. It carries a plethora of twistlock pins and pin assemblies, bolster-end castings, latches, tabs, pinlock pins, light hole plugs, insert bushings, washers, shear blocks, plates, handles, and a lot more.

Cargo Handling and Protection Solutions

Those working in trucking and logistics must ensure smooth and safe transportation and timely delivery of cargo. Buffers USA is ready to help by designing and producing a wide array of Buffer USA parts for cargo handling and protection. This brand offers high-quality blocking, bracing, and cargo control components that can be used for trailers and containers, as well as polypropylene and paper dunnage bags that provide cargo protection and prevent load shifting. It also produces plastic dividers or tier sheets that are ideal for protecting items like food and beverage, printed materials, or automotive products.

Buffers USA is also known for its top-quality Thermo-Divide™ insulating bulkhead, a cost-effective solution for consolidating frozen and chilled products stored in the same container or loaded in the same trailer.

Container, Trailer, and Chassis Parts and Hardware

When you need to repair or replace some part of your chassis, container van, or trailer, Buffers USA has a full line of class-leading chassis components and container van/trailer parts. From Buffers USA side and top rails to plywood flooring, headers, and sills, customers are assured of products that are engineered with keen attention to detail. Other components included in the company’s portfolio of container van and trailer parts are corner posts and steel castings, crossmembers and clips, door latches and handles, lock rods, cams, and keepers, aluminum corner cap castings, and many others.

For the chassis, Buffers USA manufactures wing plates and mounting brackets; slider pins and operating handles; sandshoes, axles, and housings; lightboxes and mud flap brackets/bolting plates; leg braces and lugs, as well as crank handles and cross shafts.

Ship Lashing Parts and Marine Hardware

Buffers USA is a well-known distributor for MacGregor & All set marine lashing products and Timars terminal and port equipment in North and South American markets. It also provides top-caliber products for both RO-RO and container ships. This product offering includes lashing gears, long link chain assemblies and binders, rope and tarp control products, railcar securement products, and ISO container connectors.

Featured Products (view all)

BUFFERS USA 1003-1366 15” vertical crank handle BUFFERS USA 1003-1298 21” horizontal crank handle BUFFERS USA 1105-1450 pin for drop in twist lock, penz 90-36/st BUFFERS USA 1001-1291 sand shoe premier finish - standard 10”× 10” BUFFERS USA 4402-2397-3 container vent, small, 3-hole, BUFFERS USA 1105-1257-2 pin for drop in twist lock,3229, f-66 & f-77 BUFFERS USA 1001-1537 sand shoe, low profile w/patch, hd BUFFERS USA 1003-1296 11” horizontal crank handle BUFFERS USA 1005-2388 turning shaft 69",one piece type BUFFERS USA 1002-1294 axle housing t-stamp 06-345 BUFFERS USA 1105-1131-2 pin for twist lock — primer finished forged steel 1131,1206,1207 BUFFERS USA 1003-1664 7” vertical crank handle BUFFERS USA 1003-1367 21” vertical crank handle BUFFERS USA HS60-04 BUFFERS USA 1105-3533-INNER pin assembly BUFFERS USA HS70-02 BUFFERS USA HS70-03 BUFFERS USA 1105-1447 pin for twist lock, schulz f-33 BUFFERS USA 1001-1295 sand shoes - premier finish - low profile 10”× 10” w/ patch BUFFERS USA HS7001 BUFFERS USA 1006-1309 adjustable brace,short,26"-41" std duty BUFFERS USA 1108-1917-18 latch latch BUFFERS USA 1003-6857 9-1/8 in 9-1/8 in BUFFERS USA 1101-3623-R twl BUFFERS USA HP15-31 BUFFERS USA 110785334 t/l handle BUFFERS USA 1008-1473 brace lug, 2-hole,90 de , l-shape BUFFERS USA 1008-2648 brace lug, 2-hole, 10-1/4" x 2 BUFFERS USA 1401-2609 retainer catch for 22183f/1401 BUFFERS USA 1108-1213-18 latch for pinlock, 1213, 1318 BUFFERS USA 1105-1321 pin for twist lock, ml-85-4/5 BUFFERS USA 1108-1350 safety latch BUFFERS USA 1402-6856 door holdback chain w/ 3" loop BUFFERS USA 1008-1634 brace lug, 2-hole, 90 deg., BUFFERS USA 1003-1297 15” horizontal crank handle BUFFERS USA P50015 swing door lock rod kit (less rod) (representative image) BUFFERS USA 1401-2175 rod guide BUFFERS USA 1210-2002 cross member clip, steel BUFFERS USA 1210-1635 cross member clip, steel BUFFERS USA 1002-1303-KIT-F axl tube BUFFERS USA 1007-1607-CS wing plate — fabricated steel, primer finish curbside trailmobile - 7 ga, 39.7 lb BUFFERS USA 1007-1607-RS wing plate — fabricated steel, primer finish roadside trailmobile - 7 ga, 39.7 lb BUFFERS USA 1401-2190-KIT lock rod lock rod BUFFERS USA 1001-2026 sand shoes - premier finish - low profile 12”× 12” w/ patch BUFFERS USA 1110-3533-19 spring for BUFFERS USA 1008-1378 brace lug, t-shape, 3-1/2" x 4 BUFFERS USA 1401-2613 bushing BUFFERS USA 1001-6103 sand shoe,12"x 12 high profile BUFFERS USA 1004-1368 crank handle shaft, binkley style BUFFERS USA 1401-2541 bearing BUFFERS USA 1101-3633-R twistlock retractable, rounded corners BUFFERS USA 1108-3633-18 latch for twl BUFFERS USA 1401-6113 rod bushing BUFFERS USA 1004-1753-KIT shift shaft gear assy, for jost leg BUFFERS USA 1110-4667 clevis pin for BUFFERS USA HS18-06 BUFFERS USA LGBK10 landing gear bolt kit BUFFERS USA 1105-1452 pin for twist lock, penz 90-05 BUFFERS USA 1401-2173 bushing bracket, outer, long BUFFERS USA 1003-1365 11” vertical crank handle BUFFERS USA 1103-1213-L pinlock assy, std pin, left BUFFERS USA 1007-1779-CS wing plate — fabricated steel, primer finish curbside great dane - 7ga, 31.7 lb BUFFERS USA HS45-02 BUFFERS USA HP60-31 BUFFERS USA 1149545 dock bumper BUFFERS USA 1001-2432 sand shoe,10x10 low profile,no gusset BUFFERS USA 1110-3533-5 guide plate BUFFERS USA 1102-1257-L twl drop-in 70 BUFFERS USA HP-KIT BUFFERS USA P50025 other parts BUFFERS USA 1310556 twist lock pin twist lock pin BUFFERS USA 12018159 other parts BUFFERS USA 1402-2538 hinge weld on hinge weld on BUFFERS USA 20026498 other commercial truck parts BUFFERS USA HP16-31 BUFFERS USA 1106-1175-2 pin for pinlock 1175,1213, l/r BUFFERS USA 1107-8723-4 handle for twl BUFFERS USA 1107-1207-4 handle for twl, 1207 BUFFERS USA 1101-3634-NR twl non BUFFERS USA 1007-2999-RS land.leg mtg brkt, u-type, BUFFERS USA 1107-1257-4 handle for twist lock 1257,3259,schulz BUFFERS USA 1106-1358 pinlock pin — primer finished, penz 90-26-xx* pinlock BUFFERS USA 1005-1478-A shaft — 14 ga tube, primer finish, center tube 52 BUFFERS USA 1007-1606 wing plate — fabricated steel, primer finish - universal miller - 7 ga, 31.7 lb BUFFERS USA 1007-2998-CS wing plate — fabricated steel, primer finish curbside utility - 1/8" thick, 25.95 lb BUFFERS USA 1005-1299-B adj x-shaft end (inner) 04-552-1 BUFFERS USA 1008-1467 brace lug, straight, 2 hole BUFFERS USA 1210-2816 cross member clip, steel, no holes BUFFERS USA 1401-2180 door hndl BUFFERS USA 1008-2643 brace lug, 13" x 4-1/2"x 3/8" BUFFERS USA 1006-7599 k-brace 71" wide, universal w/ BUFFERS USA 1007-1780-RS wing plate — fabricated steel, primer finish roadside wabash - 7 ga, 21.5 lb BUFFERS USA 1190540 mounting brkt BUFFERS USA P50005A lockrod tubing (galvanized) 1”× 120”, item#12 in kit image BUFFERS USA 1007-8845-CS landing leg landing leg BUFFERS USA 1107-1344-KIT handle for twistlock, schulz f-33 BUFFERS USA 1105-3206-2 pin for twl 3206, l/r BUFFERS USA 1001-2931 sand shoe,10"x10"high profile one gusset BUFFERS USA 1149548 dock bumper BUFFERS USA 1110-4548 split roll pin for twl 1129,31 BUFFERS USA 1102-3258 twl drop-in 90 twl drop-in 90 BUFFERS USA 1102-3262-R twl drop-in twl drop-in BUFFERS USA 1105-6388 pin for twl pin for twl BUFFERS USA 1109-4515 bushing r/nr bushing r/nr BUFFERS USA 1205-2108 corner post corner post BUFFERS USA 1011246 mounting brckt mounting brckt BUFFERS USA 2904-7175-48 corner corner BUFFERS USA 1204-6128 roof header roof header BUFFERS USA 1016136 cam keeper lh BUFFERS USA 1016144 cam keeper BUFFERS USA 1011217 sand shoe axle BUFFERS USA 1011236 mounting brkt BUFFERS USA 1101-3541-NR twl non BUFFERS USA 1190288 mud flap brkt BUFFERS USA 1310561 mounting brkt BUFFERS USA 1310701 light bracket BUFFERS USA 4-A1-224L mounting brkt BUFFERS USA 4406-1981-KIT reefer drain BUFFERS USA 700-4-481 mounting brkt BUFFERS USA 1310427 twist lock pin BUFFERS USA 1310476 twist lock pin BUFFERS USA 1310492 twist lock pin BUFFERS USA 1310494 twist lock pin BUFFERS USA 1310496 pin lock assem BUFFERS USA 1310514 twist lock pin BUFFERS USA 1310569 twist lock pin BUFFERS USA 1310612 twist lock hndl BUFFERS USA 1310613 twist lock hndl BUFFERS USA 1106-1469 pin w handle for pinlock 1624 BUFFERS USA 1103-1318-R pinlock 1" pin right/curbsid BUFFERS USA 10016167 casting corner BUFFERS USA BUF1102-3247-L twist lock BUFFERS USA BUF1103-1417-L pinlock BUFFERS USA BUF1401-2585 handle BUFFERS USA 1004-1753-2 shift ass BUFFERS USA 1102-3260-R twstlock BUFFERS USA 1106-2766 pin for BUFFERS USA 6201-1370 casting BUFFERS USA 6201-1371 casting BUFFERS USA 6201-1372 casting BUFFERS USA 1016107 side panel stl side panel stl BUFFERS USA 1016109 side panel stl side panel stl BUFFERS USA 1016132 lock rod cam lock rod cam BUFFERS USA 700-4-421R mounting brkt mounting brkt BUFFERS USA 1401-2838 split bushing split bushing BUFFERS USA 1402-7287 hinge 4 in x hinge 4 in x BUFFERS USA 1310458 twist lck handl twist lck handl BUFFERS USA 1310528 alum t-floor alum t-floor BUFFERS USA 1310578 twist lck handl twist lck handl BUFFERS USA 1310614 twist lock hndl twist lock hndl Browse more...

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