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Buffers USA is an international manufacturer of parts and hardware for various industries, including transportation, shipping, and marine. Not only it specializes in the manufacture of replacement parts and cargo control products for chassis, containers, and trailers, but it also produces a wider range of products outside of that category.

All four Buffers USA locations are within the United States (Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL; and Los Angeles, CA), making it a truly American brand. Even so, Buffers USA parts are made available to truckers, sailors, and other working professionals by way of the company's multi-national distribution network. Through partnerships with various marketing firms, sales teams, suppliers, and distributors, Buffers USA maintains a reach far and beyond the North American market. That being said, the United States is the primary focus of Buffers USA's product development teams.

To make it as easy as possible for you to find the Buffers USA parts that your project requires, we, at FindItParts, have curated a list of products and organized them into categories. In the larger Trailers category, Buffers Products fall into a few individual subcategories: Body Parts; General; Landing Gear and Accessories; Other Trailer; Panels and Parts; and Twistlock, Pinlock, & Bolster Assemblies.

Each of these categories/subcategories contains a searchable, scrollable list of Buffers USA parts complete with pictures, product numbers, and— where applicable—cross-references with similar items. To get started, you can enter a keyword search or click through the categories and start scrolling.