APSCO has been manufacturing and distributing pneumatic cylinders, valves and controls for the automotive, truck equipment and mobile markets for more than 50 years. The company continues to innovate to meet the needs of their customers and the challenges of the heavy truck parts industry. We are proud to offer a large selection of their highly reliable products.

Tailgate Latch and Highlift Series Air Cylinders

Their tailgate latch cylinders are reliable, durable and fast latching, to meet the demands of drivers. These cylinders are made with corrosion resistant high tensile steel rods, and are made in the U.S. They stand up to harsh environments and heavy use. Various bores and strokes are available to fit almost any truck body or trailer. Their Highlift Series cylinders are available in standard, twin and round models. They offer the same high tensile steel rods and are lightweight. The standard style is ideal for trucks with high lift tailgate requirements, and they include rod wipers in addition to bearing blocks on the longer strokes. Twin high lift cylinders are designed for dump bodies with taller gates. The round cylinders do away with tie rods and end caps for a more lightweight design.

APSCO Cylinder Kits

APSCO cylinder kits include winch kits, PTO kits and clutch kits. Their winch kits are engineered to specific designs and include brake cylinders, clutch cylinders, controls, fittings, tubing and mounting hardware. PTO control kits come with cylinder, control valve, fittings, tubing and required hardware for mounting. Clutch control kits let the operator engage or disengage the vehicle’s clutch from a remote location. Included in each kit is a spring return cylinder, 3-way control valve, fittings and tubing.

Actuators, AV Series and VM Series

The company’s range of actuators include hydraulic directional valve metering and non-metering actuators, plus dump pump actuators. Metering air actuators are more cost-effective than cable controls, saving installation, maintenance and labor costs. AV Series valves offer consolidated and compact controls for dump pump, P.T.O. and tailgate latches. Their VM Series consists of single axis valves, dual axis valves, valve banks and consoles for VM series controls. Other consoles include winch tractor consoles; dump, snow and ice consoles and pedestals. APSCO’s lift axle control panels feature a regulator, push pull valve and illuminated gauge. Various valves and switches round out their product line.