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When you manage a fleet that comprises light to heavy trucks and trailers, commercial vehicles, and specialty vehicles, it takes a lot of hard work to ensure that every part and system of these rigs work at peak efficiency. While you can invest in automation and an advanced fleet tracking system to keep tabs on every vehicle's movement and service appointments, you still need to fully grasp the true mechanics of important vehicle systems. A thorough understanding of the ins and outs of your ride or machine helps you make sound and informed decisions regarding your fleet.

For your big rig's pneumatic system needs, go only with the best—APSCO. This industry leader was founded in 1964, and since then, it has been supplying the mobile, automotive, and truck equipment markets with best-in-class pneumatic cylinders, valves, actuators, and controls. Backed by its over five decades of industry experience, innovation, and commitment to customer service, APSCO has cemented its position as an expert on air power. The company has also established its Winter-Fab division, which provides the pipeline, oilfield, and mobile equipment industries with turn-key precision metal fabrication services.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Air Power Systems Company (APSCO) Inc. is constantly evolving to address the varying needs of customers. It delivers innovative solutions to address the challenges of the industry as well as various application requirements. APSCO takes pride in being awarded with ISO 9001:2001 certification in 2004. The brand upholds its quality program and is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. All APSCO products are rigorously tested to ensure safe and reliable APSCO products.


APSCO's engineering department works in a collaborative set up to create new products from different creative minds. All APSCO parts are crafted using state-of-the-art equipment and modern design tools to ensure high-level manufacturing consistency. The brand's engineers make use of computer-controlled CNC machines for precision machining. These parts are then assembled by hand, rigorously tested, and subjected to an excellent quality control process. They are also tested for ease of installation and reparability.

APSCO parts are commonly found in various end markets, including oil and gas, construction, fluid power, waste and recycling, utility, and snow and ice removal. The company's biggest market is the heavy-duty dump truck and trailer. With its recent acquisitions, including the Minnesota-based STAC Inc., APSCO broadens its horizon by offering an industry-leading range of hydraulic solutions. This wide range of APSCO parts helped make the brand a market leader in OEM and aftermarket or replacement parts.


APSCO provides the industry with well-engineered generic consoles designed for end dump truck/trailer applications. These consoles are offered in various configurations and options to regulate the hoist cylinder and activate the truck's PTO. Among the standard features of these consoles are:

  • stainless-steel lid with laser-stamped label
  • steel base with powder-coating and access panel

Fleet managers can also work with APSCO to develop a console that's tailored to meet specific application requirements and personal preferences. The company's engineering team will customize a console that will help bring value to customers and savings to business operations. The common features of APSCO consoles include:

  • tailgate air control valves
  • warning lights
  • openings for a tarp switch
  • plugged openings for extra rocker switches or air control valves.


With their compact construction, APSCO actuators give weight savings without shortchanging customers with meager performance. These air actuators are specifically designed to regulate the operation of dump pumps or the opening and closing of hydraulic valves. APSCO's metering air actuators are economical alternatives to cable controls. They allow customers like you to save on labor and installation by eliminating maintenance and service issues common with cable controls.

The brand's DM series air actuators are available with or without metering. They have no exposed moving components, so they offer long years of service-free operation. These actuators are also outfitted with non-binding technology to ensure excellent performance and functionality. With simple three-step installation, these actuators can start doing their job in no time.


APSCO, from the get-go, has been designing and manufacturing products for the mobile equipment and heavy truck industries. With APSCO's cylinders, operators and fleet managers can have peace of mind knowing that the cylinder they will install can withstand harsh environments and applications.

Tailgate Cylinders

Most tailgate locking applications, at present, require a dependable and fast latch. This is what drives APSCO to develop best-in-class tailgate cylinders and latch kits that guarantee fast and reliable latching or unlatching of your truck's tailgate. The APSCO tailgate latch cylinders are available in many different bores and strokes to provide units that fit almost any type of trailer or truck body. These cylinders feature high tensile steel rods with corrosion-resistant plating. To make the installation of these cylinders easy and efficient, APSCO also carries compatible valves and fitting kits.

Hi-Lift Series

Composed of lightweight standard, twin, and round cylinders, the components in the HighLift Series features corrosion-resistant, high tensile steel rods. Standard APSCO air cylinders are ideal solutions for the high lift tailgate need of your dump body or dump trailer. They come with standard rod wipers and bearing blocks on longer strokes. Designed for dump bodies with higher gates and sides, APSCO's twin high lift cylinder delivers the force needed for taller gates while meeting DOT regulations. Round cylinders, on the other hand, are made to help lower the weight of the trailer and body. Their versatile, innovative design eliminates traditional tie rods and end caps and provides up to 60% weight savings.


APSCO engineers are backed by their thorough understanding of various applications and harsh operating environments, making this brand the first and only choice among truckers, fleet operators, and mechanics. APSCO provides the market with a variety of kits for easy servicing and maintenance of your pneumatic system and other components. These include seal kits, repair kits, conversion kits, rod and pin kits, rebuild kits, tubing kits, bracket kits, and a lot more.

The winch kits from APSCO are made for specific winch designs and fitted with brake cylinders, clutch cylinders, tubing, controls, fitting, and necessary mounting hardware. Moreover, APSCO's PTO control kits are easy to install and easy to operate. Offered in two, three, and four positions, these kits come complete with a control valve, fittings, cylinder, tubing, and mounting hardware. This company also offers clutch control kits that allow positive control of the vehicle clutch in remote locations like the cab or bed side. These kits engage and disengage the vehicle clutch and are offered complete with a 3-Way control valve, spring return cylinder, tubing, and fittings.

Featured Products (view all)

APSCO AV-295 av series pto and hoist control valve - with automatic pto kickout APSCO V-8 push-pull 4 way valve - single spool, 2-position APSCO C-7402-PK highlift series tailgate cylinder, tie rod type APSCO VE-2 4-way solenoid valve - 2 position, 12v vdc APSCO C-3535-DM air act for APSCO VE-31 valve 3-way 1/ APSCO VM7-2B2020 vm series two bank control APSCO V-5-B 3-way limit valve - for hydraulic telescopic cylinder APSCO V-55 dual 2-positio APSCO C-2533 cyl 1 1/4-12 hw-6 kit br APSCO C-5070S 2.5 × 8 tailgate APSCO VX-3 2-position, 3-way valve, w/ 1/4" exhaust ports APSCO VX-4 2-position push-pull 4-way valve / 5 port APSCO VC-3 valve APSCO AVC-295-T-8 air valve APSCO 3239-13 console base APSCO C-6063 cyl. 3.5x6 da APSCO AVC-295-13 hoist/pto val 13" con APSCO AVC-295-TG-13 av series pto/hoist control tailgate lock & pto auto kick out 13" tower APSCO VTS-1X 3 position (m/n/m) toggle valve APSCO VTS-2 2-position APSCO C-6057 cyl 3.5 x 6 da 10 br APSCO C-7403-PK cylinder APSCO VM-10-C vlv quad APSCO AV-195 av series hoist control valve APSCO CON-3A-25 lift axle panel with 1/4" fittings APSCO C-6059-E-PK 3.5 × 8 tailgate APSCO C-3516-DM air act hyd val APSCO VM-7 vm series single axis valve - straight, momentary-neutral-momentary detent APSCO VR-9-S air rocker switch, 1/4" port, engage-disengage APSCO VTS-9X 3 positions (m/n/m) toggle valve APSCO V-8-TG val/ (4-way) valve APSCO VTS-11-X 3 position toggle APSCO C-7424 cyl 4 x 24 da 16 br APSCO V-88 dual 2-positio APSCO C-3826-DM actuator metering a20 APSCO VM-10 vm series dual axis control APSCO C-7404-PK cyl 4 x 24 APSCO VM-12 valve m/pd/pd APSCO C-6059 cyl 3.5 x 8 APSCO AV-295-M hoist/pto val APSCO C-5070-PK cylinder da 2. APSCO VM-8 vm series positive lock in neutral APSCO CONV-APS-9-LT cons av-195 / vx-4-n less tube APSCO VM7-3B35S35 valve 3 bank APSCO C-6059-F-PK cyl 3.5 x 8 da 10 br pk fit APSCO SK-VM-7-A kit oring APSCO C-5026S tgate cyl APSCO C-3805-DM air act for APSCO VM-2-X metering valve APSCO SK-VM-7-B rebuild kit for vm7 APSCO C-3520-DM actuator non-metering dva20 APSCO V-5 val/ APSCO VTS-1 3-position APSCO C-3526-DM actuator non-metering v20 APSCO VM7-4B35202035 valve 4 bank 35, 20, 20, 35 APSCO C-4281-D cyl 1.75 x APSCO VR-5-EP electric rocke APSCO C-6089 cyl 3.5 x 8 da 10 br APSCO PM161 seal kit for APSCO VR-6-EST switch electric strobe APSCO SK-4833 repair kit c-3835-dm & c-3820- APSCO 3239-W13 console base 13" wide for tg APSCO VR-16-MT switch electric on-off-on rocker APSCO VR-4-EV switch electric vibrator APSCO C-4046 cyl 1.75 x APSCO BVM7-3 bracket kit 3-bank vm7 APSCO AVC-295-TGMT-13 hoist/pto/tg/tarp val 13" con APSCO VR-10-A air rocker switch, 1/4" port, on-off position APSCO C-6009-PK 3.5 × 8 tailgate APSCO AVC-195-13 hoist val 13" con no pto APSCO VE-2-WP-F valve elec 4way APSCO VX-4-AP 4-way air pilot with spring return APSCO VM-9 valve pd/pd/pd APSCO AVC-295-T-13 hoist/pto val APSCO VR-2-ET electric rocke APSCO C-3505-DM air cyl APSCO C-5026S-PK 2.5 x 6 cyl w/ss rod & pin kit (representatinve image) APSCO AV-295-DMH hoist/pto val APSCO VR-3-EH switch electri APSCO C-5063 cyl. 2.5x6 APSCO C-6090-PK cyl 3.5 x 8 da APSCO C-6023 cyl 3.5 x 8 APSCO C-7421-PK-M 4 × 20 hi-lift (ve-2 solenoid not included) APSCO CON-3A lift axle panel non-steerable APSCO SK-1779 repair kt APSCO C-6023S tgate cyl APSCO C-3820-DM actuator metering dva20 APSCO CONB-2 console assembly for (2) vm-7 APSCO AVC-195-TG-13 hoist/tg val 13" con no pto APSCO K-875202 shifter APSCO V-85 dual 2-positio APSCO C-3570-DM air act for ba hyd val APSCO 3239-8 console base APSCO C-5063-PK 2.5 × 6 tailgate APSCO C-7402-PK-M cyl 4 x 20 da 16 br pk muf APSCO CON-3AE lift axle panel steerable APSCO C-6059-PK 3.5 × 8 tailgate APSCO CONB-3-R console for (3 APSCO VL-5-ES 4-way 12v solenoid valve, push-pull APSCO PP-470 pressure protection valve 1/4" APSCO C-6009 cyl 3.5 x 8 da 10 br APSCO C-7424-PK-M 4 × 24 hi-lift APSCO VM-7-20 valve w/ 20 APSCO VE-2-3W valve electric APSCO VM-7-EM valve m/n/m straight mom APSCO VM7-2B3535 valve 2 bank APSCO C-3508-DM air act for APSCO C-6089-PK cyl. 3.5x8 da APSCO C-0430-PK-1 4 × 30 hi-lift APSCO CON-3AE-25 lift axle pane APSCO C-7421-PK cyl 4 x 21 da 16 br pk APSCO C-7424-PK cyl 4 x 24 da 16 br pk APSCO EC-PTO conversion kit APSCO VE-31-WP valve 3 way APSCO AV-195-DMH hoist val dmh no pto APSCO AVC-195-8 hoist valve w/ APSCO C-3551-DM air act for 5100 monoblock val APSCO C-6053S-PK cyl 3.5 x 6 da 10 br ss pk APSCO C-6224-PK-M cyl 3.5 x 24 d APSCO C-6068-PK cyl 3.5 x 8 da 8 br pk APSCO C-0410-SR 4 × 4.6 sr tr (mgm) APSCO C-5050-RP cyl. 2.5x3 sr APSCO AV-295-DMH-M hoist/pto val dmh no k/o APSCO C-3542-DM air act for v42 hyd val APSCO C-8120-PK cyl 5 x 20 da 16 br pk APSCO AVC-295-8 hoist/pto valv APSCO C-3540-DM air act for v40 hyd val APSCO C-6009-F-PK cyl 3.5 x 8 da 10 br pk fit APSCO VM-11 valve m/n/fd APSCO C-3503-DM air act for APSCO C-0406-BE cyl 4 x 6 APSCO C-6081-PK cyl 3.5 x APSCO C-3835-DM actuator metering dva35 APSCO C-5094 cyl. 2.5x8 da 10 br APSCO VTS-9 valve 3 pos APSCO VM-13 valve fd-n-fd APSCO VM7-3B20S20 valve 3 bank 20, str, 20 APSCO C-8020-A-PK cyl 5 x 20 da 16 br al pk APSCO 4559 connector APSCO AVC-295-TG-8 hoist/pto/tg APSCO C-6059-PK-E cylinder APSCO C-4450 cylinder APSCO VM-10-R-F90 quad control APSCO CONV-UNI-22 other parts APSCO CONB-4 console assembly 4 bank APSCO BAV-295 clips & screws kit APSCO C-6010 cyl 3.5 x 10 da 10 br APSCO C-6089-E-PK cyl 3.5 x 8 da 10 br pk ve-2 APSCO PK-1 pin kit 5/8 thd Browse more...

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