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When most people in the US think of vehicles, they think of one of the Big Three: Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. Together, these three companies molded the golden age of cars in their image and sculpted the American culture of motor vehicles for more than a century to come.

Chrysler was the third of the Big Three to come to be. Founded in 1925, it followed behind GM by 17 years and followed behind Ford by 22 to become the third major car company. As each company was headquartered in Detroit, MI at the time, the competition quickly heated up, building Detroit into a massive Mecca of automotive manufacturing and design. Over the years, Chrysler's high-quality pieces, parts, and hardware secured its position as one of the preeminent names in trucking.

Today, Chrysler lags behind the top ten motor vehicle manufacturers in the world in terms of sales numbers; however, the brand remains both high-end and low-end (in terms of price) option. Whether you're strapped for cash or your wallet is bursting at the seams, we can guarantee that Chrysler has an option for you. To make it even easier for you to find that product, we've organized thousands of Chrysler products into several neat categories.

Chrysler is a massive company that practices market segmentation, meaning there are plenty of other brands under the Chrysler name. That includes Dodge, Jeep, Mopar, Ram, SRT, and much more. Whatever you need, Chrysler has you covered and we have it stocked.

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