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X-TEND® Tracker Bar Extension

  • Prevent cables from banging against the back of the cab
  • Available for day cabs and sleeper cabs
  • Extends cables out an additional 8™ from the tracker bar
  • Improve resale value and avoid costly repairs
  • Decreases driver distraction from the noise of banging cables
  • Snaps on. No hardware or tools needed!
  • Available for either 3/4™ or 1™ diameter tracker bars
  • Stainless steel tubing and eye hook
  • Non-corrosive mounting and support brackets

Note: When installed, the 17-3000 and 17-3001 support bracket must rest on a solid metal surface. It CANNOT rest on a window.

Phillips Industries Tracker Bar Extension

Available for use with tracker bars that have a 1” diameter, the Phillips Industries tracker bar extension is designed with minimal effort to install and comes at a fraction of the cost of a similar system. This product helps prevent damage from spiral wrapped cable assemblies that bang up against the back of the cab, and it does this by extending them out and away from the back of the tractor.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to extend the tracker spring kit and cables out an additional 8 inches from the tracker bar
  • Helps increase the tractor’s resale value by avoiding costs to repair damage at the back of the cab
  • Absolutely easy to install—it simply snaps on, so no need for hardware
  • With stainless steel metal tubing and eye hook for superior durability
  • Comes with non-corrosive nylon mounting and support brackets
  • Designed for use on tractors with a solid metal back or windows with a metal frame down the center of the back of the cab
  • NOT FOR USE with tractors that have solid, one-piece back windows

For over 90 years, Phillips Industries® has been the leading developer and manufacturer of electrical and air brake system components for commercial trucks and trailers. The company supplies virtually every major tractor and trailer manufacturer in the U.S., making Phillips products a standard in nearly all Class 8 trucks. More than half of all trailers manufactured in North America are fitted with at least one part from Phillips. Driven by its passion for making "products that make a difference" to customers in every corner of the world, Phillips works closely with freight carriers to develop components and systems that work better and last longer than the competition.



Review by Marco C on 07/10/2020

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