REDNECK TRAILER part description

24"x9" Horse Trailer Pad

Horse trailer pads are used to provide maximum protection and comfort for the horse. The pads are 9" wide, made with a protective cardboard backing, filled with 2" foam and covered with a durable black vinyl. Individual pads available in 4 sizes.

Redneck Trailer® has been setting the standard in trailer parts since 1979. During its first two years, it manufactured gooseneck trailers that were painted red, which is where its name was derived. It then shifted to distributing trailer parts instead of producing trailers in response to the customers' need for a reliable source of trailer parts in 1981. Since the initial opening of the Redneck Trailer Supplies warehouse in Springfield, MO, the company has grown to include 20 branch locations in the United States. It has cemented itself as a leading supplier of trailer parts and accessories across the US and beyond.


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