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Redneck Trailer Supplies, commonly referred to simply as Redneck, is one of those brands that just about does it all. This manufacturer produces a wide variety of pieces, parts, and hardware designed to service, replace, or upgrade your vehicle's existing systems.

Redneck got its start in 1979, manufacturing gooseneck trailers. When the rubber first hit the road, the founders soon realized that they had a major problem on their hands: the lack of availability of necessary parts was slowing productivity and increasing costs. To fix that problem, Redneck's founders drafted a plan to make the company double as a centralized North American distribution center for trailer parts and as a manufacturing firm for Redneck trailers. This combination of supplies and manufacturing enabled the company to rise to the fame that it currently enjoys.

Today, Redneck has over 20 locations across the United States and is now the transportation industry's leading supplier of trailer parts across the U.S. Since Redneck not only produces their own trailers but also sources parts for a wide variety of other manufacturers, the brand has grown to be loved by truckers, repairmen, technicians, and manufacturers alike.

We carry Redneck parts spanning 12 unique categories. That includes hard-to-find parts in the suspension and steering category as well as the standard products in the trailer category that fans of the Redneck brand know and love. Whether you're looking for parts for your trailer or pieces for any of a handful of different assemblies on your truck, Redneck has something for you.