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SAVE-A-LOAD: The Maker of The Ultimate Hydraulic Cargo Bar

SAVE-A-LOAD: The Maker of The Ultimate Hydraulic Cargo Bar

Fleet operators and transport truck drivers must always prioritize safety. Their second concern should be getting the cargo delivered to its destination unscathed. Cargo bars will give you the best of both worlds. Also called load bars, the cargo bars have been used by pickup and semi-truck drivers to secure their cargo and prevent load shifting. When it comes to safe and easy-to-use cargo load bars for pickup trucks and tractor-trailers, there’s only one name that stands out— SAVE-A-LOAD®. 

Since its inception in 1994, SAVE-A-LOAD® has established a rock-solid reputation for its outstanding customer service and unwavering commitment to excellence by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology to create and deliver driver-friendly products. Over the years, this brand has been supplying the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry with top-of-the-line load bars that overcome the shortcomings of the existing load bars in the industry. These load bars are proven to perform even under the toughest of environments. 

SAVE-A-LOAD® upholds its dedication to service and efficiency, helping it earn the Manufacturer of the Year Honorable Mention award in 2015 from the North Carolina Chamber. In January 2016, Save-a-Load was acquired by Fleet Engineers, a Tramec Sloan division that produces value-added product solutions for aerodynamic, door systems, spray control, cargo control, and many other truck and trailer parts and accessories. 

The SAVE-A-LOAD® parts portfolio is composed of many products for the pickup and tractor-trailer market. This brand is also popular for producing the industry-leading hydraulic cargo bracing bar. Proudly made in the U.S.A., SAVE-A-LOAD® products are perfect for those who are looking for outstanding craftsmanship and time-tested functionality regardless of the driving conditions. 

Hydraulic Cargo Bar

The brand’s flagship product, SAVE-A-LOAD® heavy-duty hydraulic cargo bar, is the ideal solution for the shifting or falling cargo issue you have with your trailer or commercial truck. Designed for both vertical and horizontal mounting, this bar secures almost all sorts of cargo—from small boxes to bulky loads. It can also be utilized as a cargo divider to keep the truck bed or the cargo area neat and organized. Among the notable features of this highly popular Save-a-Load product are:

  • hydraulic pump - keeps the cargo bar from getting overpumped and secures it in place without causing damage to the loads or the trailer
  • push-button release mechanisms and easy length adjustment - make this product user friendly
  • sturdy aluminum material – offers unmatched durability and corrosion resistance
  • replaceable components - allow users to repair the cargo bar and have the damaged part replaced rather than replacing the entire unit 

The Save-a-Load® hydraulic load bar comes in various series, including:

SL-10 Series 

The SL-10 series load bar makes hauling loads in your everyday vehicle hassle-free. With the same hydraulic pump as the standard heavy-duty bars from this brand, the SL-10 cargo bar secures almost everything you’ll possibly transport in your van, pickup truck, and SUV.  

SL-20 Series 

This array of hydraulic cargo bars is loaded with all the amazing features of the heavy-duty unit. The only thing that makes it stand out is the pressure-limiting valve set at a PSI for secure installation in a transport vehicle. It showcases a corrosion-free construction and is hydraulic tested more than 30,000 times.  

SL-30 Series 

This line of hydraulic cargo bars is designed to work in any operating environment. Lightweight yet durable, this hydraulic part is fitted with reinforced articulating feet and an extension tube. It contains FDA-approved Bio-Safe fluid, so it is safe to use and will not freeze up.      

Replacement Parts and Hardware 

One of the most practical features of a Save-a-Load hydraulic cargo bar is its replaceable parts, which give you savings by allowing you to replace only the damaged components and not the entire assembly. This brand offers all your needed replacement parts to make cargo bar repair and maintenance an easy feat. Engineered to provide years of dependable service, these replacement parts guarantee easy and safe installation and removal. 

Hardware kits or pre-packaged sets of hardware are also available to help you easily carry out any hydraulic cargo bar maintenance, repair, or replacement. With these kits, you need not worry about missing or stuck hardware that needs to be replaced. Included in Save-a-Load’s menu of replacement parts and hardware are: 

  • articulating foot
  • covered release button
  • bicycle carrier assembly
  • hoop cross member
  • hardware kit
  • snap button
  • hoop tee/elbow replacement kits
  • extension tube

Cargo Bar Accessories

Meticulously made and tested for excellent performance, the cargo bars perform better when used frequently, well taken care of, and stored correctly. Any mishandling may inflict damage to the bar, which is why cargo bar accessories are made. 

  • Locking sleeve – This is used to secure the load bar anywhere. It can be installed into place by sliding it over the release button and locking it using a padlock. 

 Anti-theft rack Also called security rack, this hydraulic bar component offers a surefire way to protect and secure your load bar. It accommodates up to three load bars to protect them from damaging elements when not in use. This rack is available in horizontal and vertical options.

 Hoops – These add-ons are designed to increase the footprint spot, allowing heavy and bulky loads to stay safe and secure in the cargo area. These structurally crafted aluminum hoops can be shipped to your place assembled, unassembled, or attached to the bar. 

Whether you are preparing your ride for your next hauling trip or you want to replace your malfunctioning cargo bar component, FinditParts is here to save the day. This online shop carries a wide array of Save-a-Load parts that are cost-effective, safe and easy to use, and can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Not only are these products offered at competitive prices, but we also do a good job at expediting your orders, so you can get them right when you need them. We will deliver your Save-a-Load cargo load bars, replacement parts, and accessories right at your doorsteps at reasonable rates and with no hidden charges.