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Danfoss is one of the largest Danish manufacturers servicing the automotive and other industries. Headquartered in Nordberg, Denmark, Danfoss has stayed in the same location where it was founded while simultaneously distributing its pieces, parts, and hardware all over the world.

Mads Clausen founded Danfoss in Nordberg, Denmark, in 1933 when he was only 28 years old. The company's original name (Dansk Køleautomatik- og Apparatfabrik) was changed to Danfoss only 13 years later to be more compatible with the international market and non-Danish speakers. Over time, the company branched out to new locations and new industries, resulting in the creation of an expansive product catalog.

Today, Danfoss caters to a variety of industries, producing a long list of pieces, parts, and hardware mostly concerned with climate control technology, fluid control equipment, pumps and seals, and valves. More specifically, Danfoss products include AC and heating parts, electric motors, refrigeration systems, renewable energy, and other related products.

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