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The Sterling brand has a long and colorful history dating back more than a century, but there have been a large number of changes made to the line. Unfortunately, the production of Sterling products ceased officially in 2009.

The original Sterling brand was founded in 1907 and produced a wide variety of medium- and heavy-duty trucks ranging from street-cleaners to long-distance haulers. After changing hands several times prior thereto, the brand was retired in 1953. The defunct brand then changed hands several more times, eventually arriving in the possession of the Ford Motor Company, which sold Sterling and several other heavy-duty trucking lines to Daimler AG in 1997.

1998 marked the rebirth of the Sterling line of trucks and trucking pieces, parts, and hardware. The brand was introduced as a simple rebadging of the successful Ford Louisville/Aeromax design but was quickly expanded to cover a variety of Class 5, 6, 7, and 8 trucks (medium- and heavy-duty). These trucks, their parts, and the hardware used for maintenance and repair initially saw a good deal of success. However, that success fell off and left Daimler AG struggling to hit sales goals for years. Come 2009, the brand would be discontinued yet again.

Before being discontinued the second time, Sterling Trucks sold quite a few trucks and produced quite a few items that would always be considered high-quality. To make it possible to repair your existing Sterling equipment, we've procured an array of hundreds of different Sterling Trucks pieces, parts, and hardware.