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Mitsubishi is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, servicing just about every country and millions of drivers, repairpeople, and technicians the world over. Mitsubishi is the vehicular manufacturing brand of the Mitsubishi Group of Companies motor vehicle division, though the Mitsubishi Group has been known to use the same name (Mitsubishi) across a range of different manufacturing lines.

Mitsubishi was founded in 1870, several years before the invention of the automobile and roughly three decades before the invention of the motorized truck. As the years went on, the company branched out into the manufacturing of just about everything. That includes things like TVs, financial technology, and of course motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes from two-wheelers to 18-wheelers, marine equipment, and even — for a time — airplanes.

Today, the heavy-duty wing of Mitsubishi is virtually a household name among truckers and warehouse workers the world over. With countless products in its catalogue covering just about every single category of piece, part, and hardware for forklift, industrial, heavy-duty trucking, and other applications, Mitsubishi is one of the most prolific original equipment manufacturers in the world.

Since Mitsubishi is an original equipment manufacturer and not an aftermarket manufacturer, there is little chance of encountering the common compatibility nightmare that truckers know all too well. Simply select the product that is designed to replace your broken, worn, or otherwise in-need-of-replacement part, and install it.

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