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Letrika is one of the brands associated with the Mahle-Letrika-Iskra company, also known simply as Mahle. This is a foreign manufacturer of pieces, parts, and accessories for heavy-duty trucking and other applications, specializing in the production of combustion engines and engine components.

Mahle's various divisions for production fall into three categories: engine systems and components, filtration, and thermal management. Letrika is considered one of the primary leaders in the company's engine system and components division. The bulk of products in Letrika's product catalogue are aftermarket parts designed to improve fuel-efficiency or otherwise boost performance of engines manufactured by other brands.

These products are designed with the customer in mind, making them uniquely suited for use in high-performance situations where high-quality and high-efficiency aftermarket products are demanded. Of course, the Letrika brand is best known for its line of starters, which come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and specifications. That being said, the brand also produces countless thousands of different products, each with subtly different design specifications.

In order to make the shopping process easier, we at FindItParts have carefully reviewed over 500 different Letrika products and ensured that they have been tested not only by engineers but also by truckers, repairpeople, and technicians in multiple continents. We have then organized these products into categories based on their design and purpose and made those categories searchable either by keyword, by filtering from check-boxes, or simply by scrolling until you find the part that is right for you.