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Founded in 1974, Electrodyne is a U.S. manufacturer of conventional to extreme heavy duty alternators. It designs and engineers brushless full-load voltage alternators for demanding applications, including construction, mining, emergency response, agricultural, industrial, marine, and railroad vehicles and equipment. It also offers solutions tailored to customers' specific needs for a high output alternator with a longer duration of life even when used in the harshest conditions. This dedication to innovation and quality has earned Electrodyne CSA approval and the trust of its customers worldwide.

Electrodyne alternators are unmatched by the competition for their exceptional performance and durability. At the heart of each alternator lies a stator wound with a low-inertia, non-flux carrying rotor and a maintenance-friendly electronics module housed within a durable steel casing. Its brushless design with no moving windings also has fewer components than conventional brushed alternators, extending its maintenance-free operation up to 20,000 hours except for servicing the alternator mounting and connected electrical loads. To ensure better control over the quality of the finished product, all Electrodyne alternators are assembled in-house and undergo stringent performance tests and inspection before being rolled out for delivery.

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