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Since the 1950s, Ogura Clutch Co. has been the world leader in electromagnetic clutches and braking systems for various automotive applications. Known for their smooth and quiet operation, Ogura electromagnetic clutches are used in multiple applications ranging from air-conditioning systems for heavy duty trucks to micro clutches found in office equipment. The company manufactures up to 30 million units every year from ISO- and IATF-certified manufacturing facilities in Japan, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. With more than 3,000 models available, Ogura has an electromagnetic clutch system designed to meet almost every need.

Among the most popular electromechanical-type clutches in the market, Ogura clutches are packed with features that give them an edge over the competition. The clutch armature is mounted to the hub to eliminate backlash and armature rattle, while its single friction plate design allows for a super-fast response during high-cycle operation. And while the clutch begins to wear over time, the air gap adjusts automatically to ensure consistent time to engagement. All Ogura clutches also feature high-quality armatures that engage smoothly with minimal chattering noise for sustained, quiet operation. For more specialized applications, Ogura also manufactures custom designs and modifications.

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