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Thermoid is the industry benchmark, providing the auto and truck parts market with the highest-quality, most dependable specialty and industrial hoses. This company manufactures hundreds of products, so there surely is a Thermoid industrial hose that will fit any application you have in mind. Founded in 1883, Thermoid is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial rubber products for including automotive, aviation, marine, industrial, and any other applications. The brand takes pride in delivering more than 130 years of superior performance.  

Thermoid is well-known for its multipurpose, industrial, automotive, and custom-built hoses that serve myriads of industries. Among its popular products are the coaxial gasoline pump hoses that feature dynamic vapor recovery capabilities to large dock hose. It also carries bulk transfer hoses that can handle and withstand up to 90% of all common industrial chemicals and multipurpose hoses that can resist pressure ranges from 150 to 1000 psi. These hoses boast weather-resistant designs, which enable them to perform well, even in temperatures that range from -65° to +350°. With its 130 years of manufacturing experience, Thermoid is able to create a wide variety of hose products to meet your demands and specifi­c application.

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