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Spectra Premium Industries—often called Spectra, for short—is a manufacturer of parts for a variety of industries ranging from personal use to motorsports. Spectra services both the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket industries, providing a long list of products and services to its customers around the world.

Spectra was founded in Quebec in 1989. Starting from a 25,000 square foot tank manufacturing facility, Spectra's large startup funding enabled it to quickly break into the market and begin to expand. In 1993, the brand merged with Premium Automotive, leading to the addition of the word "Premium" to the company's name. Since then, Spectra Premium Industries has acquired more than a dozen other manufacturers in a variety of industries, enabling the brand to expand into a variety of new manufacturing product lines.

Today, Spectra's list of products includes air conditioning and heating units, fuel pumps, radiators, steel replacement fuel tanks, OEM fuel tanks for Pontiac and Bombardier Recreational Products, and more. Although Spectra sold its 47 American regional distribution warehouses back in 2006, the brand still has a heavy presence in the United States, thanks to its ever-growing network of American suppliers and distributors.

To make it as easy as possible for you to find the Spectra parts that you're looking for, we at FindItParts have curated a list of over 11,000 Spectra products in a variety of categories. We've gone ahead and organized these parts into a searchable, scrollable list complete with pictures, product numbers, and—where applicable—cross-references with similar items.