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Most drivers don't give their windshield wipers and washer systems much attention. Your fleet drivers shouldn't do the same. Why? Once they get caught in a rainstorm or a snowstorm or got splashed with mud while driving, the windshield wipers and washer system will be the first thing that will come to the rescue. This critical safety feature makes it possible for drivers to traverse the road safely, even under inclement weather. Modern windshield wiper and washer systems are fitted with advanced features, making them easy to use and highly capable of cleaning the windshield's surface to provide the driver with a clear vision while driving. When you need a new windshield wiper system or replacement for its faulty components, Sprague Devices is the brand to trust.

Sprague Devices is a brand under Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG) that manufactures application-specific windshield wiper and washer systems for all the sectors of the commercial vehicle market. These include bus, RVs and motorhomes, heavy-duty trucks, and vehicles for construction, agriculture, rail, military, and specialty service. This brand supplies these industries with pneumatic motors, wiper arms, linkages, blades, and washer reservoirs with electric or pneumatic pumps. With industry history tracing back to 1989, all the Commercial Vehicle Group brands are united by shared values and commitment to the highest ethical standards.

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