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Terex, which was derived from the Latin words "terra" (earth) and "rex" (king), was formed when GM decided to continue selling and producing construction equipment products and trucks not covered by the antitrust suit filed against the company. It started building its reputation in 1970 by creating the 1Z Trac-Truk, which was the world's first off-road hauler, and the TC-12, the world's first twin-powered dozer. But Terex did not stop here. It continued to dominate the heavy construction equipment industry when it launched the Terex 33-19 or better known as Titan, the world's largest truck. 

But despite these significant achievements, GM's Terex Division was still struck by the recession in the early 1980s. That was the start of many divestitures and acquisitions, which ultimately led to the success of Terex Corporation. Today, Terex is a renowned name in the manufacture of lifting and material processing products and services for various industries, including construction, infrastructure, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utilities, quarrying, and mining. It remains steadfast in its mission of providing reliable machinery that yields maximum productivity and high return on investment. 

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