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Weatherhead is a small brand that is part of a significantly larger company called Eaton. Weatherhead is most well known for its hoses and hose fittings and practices a program that makes it as easy as possible to obtain pieces, parts, and hardware from this company.

Weatherhead became a part of Eaton in 2002 and has since grown to be widely used in a variety of applications, despite the brand being so much smaller than many other international competitors. The company specializes in the production of hydraulic hoses, hose ends, assembly equipment, tube fittings, couplings, and support accessories for use in agriculture, construction, mining, and--of course--trucking. The company primarily only produces products for heavy-duty trucking and other large-vehicle applications.

Weatherhead's Port-to-Port program is designed to make its products as accessible as possible, which is part of the reason why we have managed to secure hundreds of Weatherhead products and how we've managed to enable shipping to just about any corner of the United States and beyond. We also offer free ground shipping on hundreds of these products, keeping in touch with Weatherhead's commitment to port-to-port accessibility.

Among Weatherhead's more complex parts are thermoplastic tubings ranging from 1/8th inches in diameter to 1 full inch. Such products are widely used in the production or repair or air tools, air and water supplies, beverage dispensing, and robotics, serving as a testament to the versatility of Weatherhead engineering.