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VOLVO Air Brake Inversion Valve

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Air Brake Inversion Valve
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About Volvo

For over a century, Volvo is a leading authority in medium to heavy truck brands worldwide. In fact, more than 95% of the trucks Volvo manufactures are over 16 tonnes. They are also one of the key pioneers in the industry, credited with introducing features such as the three-point seatbelt, ABS brakes, and airbags that are now standard in all trucks found on the road today. So it's no surprise that Volvo trucks are driven in more than 130 countries around the world.

While trucks constitute most of Volvo's product selection, these are also supported with after-sales support, including replacement parts. Driven by the mantra, "keep your Volvo a Volvo," Volvo offers a wide range of high-quality spare parts and accessories under the Genuine Volvo Parts line. When installed by a professional technician, Volvo guarantees its genuine parts will fit perfectly and perform just as well as the original in your trucks.

Volvo Parts

Volvo strongly recommends replacing broken or worn down components in their trucks with Volvo genuine parts. Genuine Volvo parts and accessories are engineered to work precisely with the various systems that make up a Volvo truck, maximizing its performance, reliability, and service life as a result. Also, unlike aftermarket parts, Volvo genuine parts do not require significant adjustments or modifications in order to fit perfectly. Coupled with a 2-year fitted parts warranty from Volvo, customers will receive more uptime, peace of mind, and lower cost of ownership for your parts in turn for their investment.

Genuine Replacement Parts

Here are some of the genuine replacement parts offered by Volvo for key areas of the vehicle, including:

Radiator: Modern engines are powerful, but they also demand much from the cooling system. More specifically, the quality of the radiator will determine whether the system will be able to meet the engine's cooling requirements. This is why Volvo genuine radiators are designed with various features and tested to maintain engine temperature to achieve optimum power, fuel mileage, and maximum life under all applications.

All Volvo genuine radiators feature non-brazed, laser-welded tubing that's been optimized for maximum cooling and fine-tuned performance. The radiator frame is also made of a new, advanced polymer material that extends the life of the tank and core. Channel systems at the top and bottom also reduce the risk of damage to the tank and core and provide a more reliable mounting point for the surge tank. Each radiator also comes with a fittings adapter kit to ensure backward compatibility.

Charge Air Cooler: Volvo genuine charge air coolers or intercoolers are designed to create denser air combustion, resulting in improved engine output and better fuel economy. The coolers are manufactured according to strict OE specifications, ensuring a precise performance that's in sync with the cooling package and engine. It has a unique fin design that helps retain and distribute heat more effectively, while a specially designed core cover allows for thermal expansion with a breakaway feature that provides added protection to core components. Volvo's proprietary inverted ferrule design also gives its radiators added strength and durability compared to its aftermarket competitors.

Expansion Tank: It's not uncommon for coolant temperatures to reach 200°F (94°C), so the expansion tank must provide enough space for pressurized coolant in its air and liquid form to expand and contract safely without compromising its structural integrity. To achieve this, Volvo's genuine expansion tank is made of special material that's pressure, heat, and vibration resistant, making it capable of withstanding even the harshest operating conditions. An advanced flow control design also eases pressure by reducing the risk of air bubbles forming in the reservoir. Other features include a built-in coolant level sensor and a modular design for a precise fit.

Exhaust Filter: Volvo genuine diesel particulate filters have a "one-box" design with a more compact profile that cuts down weight by as much as 17 pounds compared to current systems. But what truly sets it apart is Volvo's Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, which offers a superior solution to EPA emissions standards. It works by mixing diesel exhaust fluid with the exhaust before it reaches the catalytic converter, turning harmful nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water vapor. This results in near-zero NOx emissions, more efficient exhaust gas recirculation, and higher oxygen levels for better combustion. This entire process happens automatically, so there's no need for additional controls, adjustments, or training necessary.

Air Filter: Volvo genuine air filters are engineered to eliminate even the tiniest of contaminants and keep them away from critical engine components. Each filter has an advanced PUR seal that perfectly matches that of Volvo air filter housing, drastically reducing chances of air leakage and bypassing the filter. The filter media has also been rated to provide at least 99.9% filtration for up to 24 months under normal operating conditions.


Whether it's to improve your truck's aesthetics, comfort, or convenience, Volvo also offers high-quality accessories that make your ride stand out from the rest:

Floor Mats: Volvo's patented floor mats feature a positive restraint system that holds them securely in place. Heavy duty borders trap any debris, liquids, grease, and oil while impact-absorbing ribs ensure it retains its shape even with heavy foot traffic. Each floor mat also comes with a premium finish that complements the cab interior.

Brush Guard: Compatible with OEM driving lights and collision avoidance systems, Volvo brush guards feature 3" oversized steel tubes with a polished mirror finish. It also has lockable, cam-style latches and does not require pins, locking pins, or other hardware to mount onto the bumper. Quad pivot plates and urethane cushions also eliminate vibration and rattling that often occurs in aftermarket brush guards.

Pre-Painted Body Panels: Got a dent that can't be buffed out? Volvo also offers pre-painted hoods, tow-hook covers, end caps, and other bumper parts for selected truck models. These parts use factory-quality paint that's been custom matched to the original color of the vehicle.

Remanufactured Parts: For customers looking for more budget-conscious options, Volvo also offers remanufactured versions of selected components. These parts have been restored to their original condition to provide an equal degree of performance as their new Volvo genuine parts but at a competitive price point. Depending on the component, the remanufacturing process may include dismantling, cleaning, re-machining, assembly, and testing. It may also receive updates found in the latest versions of that particular component.

Volvo remanufactured parts are a good option if you are looking for a replacement at a cheaper cost without having to sacrifice quality. These parts are guaranteed to comply with OEM standards and are even covered by manufacturer warranty. Also, a remanufactured part has the added bonus of being more eco-friendly as it uses less raw materials, energy, and water to manufacture than a brand new one.

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Whether it's for regular maintenance or emergency repairs, using genuine Volvo replacement parts ensures your truck runs in top shape. And if you're looking for great deals on genuine Volvo parts and accessories, be sure to check out FinditParts.com. FinditParts is your one-stop shop for genuine parts for Volvo trucks and other major truck brands. All our Volvo genuine parts are 100% authentic and in compliance with OEM standards. Order your parts today and take advantage of our affordable shipping rates and other special offers.