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About Velvac

With over 85 years of manufacturing truck air brake and valve parts, Velvac's name has long been synonymous with top-quality, innovative products and excellent outstanding service and support. The company has roots dating back to 1934 when it was launched as the Vacuum Power Equipment Company. A few years later, the manufacturer's corporate name was replaced by "Velvac" due mainly to its Velvet Vacuum Brakes brand's popularity. The company continually expands its operations and product lines and improves its quality systems to ensure customer satisfaction.

Velvac's exponential growth started in 1956 when it released its range of "west coast" mirror heads for the North American truck manufacturers. This safety component made Velvac an OEM supplier of mirrors to General Motors and cemented its position as a preferred Tier-1 OEM product supplier. Its product line has continuously expanded over the years and now consists of over 4,500 popular automotive and truck components.

To support the company's technology transformation in the field of vision systems, Velvac purchased the critical assets and operations of Qualnetics, Inc. in Bellingham, WA, in 2014 and established a new subsidiary company called Road-iQ. Velvac was acquired by the Eastern Company in April 2017 and is now operating as the company's independent subsidiary with headquarters in New Berlin, WI.

Velvac Parts

Velvac parts are the epitome of the company's commitment to keeping its customers in the recreational vehicle, commercial truck, and specialty vehicle markets at the forefront of safety, competitiveness, and aesthetics. Velvac takes pride in being an IATF 16949 and ISO 14001-certified multinational company with C-TPAT-certified logistics and STPS Level 3 manufacturing facilities. The company's highly efficient manufacturing and supply chain management allows it to provide the industry with both proprietary and standard Velvac parts and hard-to-find accessories for trucks and commercial vehicles.


Velvac mirrors showcase an ideal blend of quality, performance, and style, making them the standard for various applications, including medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, motor coaches and recreational vehicles, and specialty vehicles such as ambulances, military vehicles, and firetrucks. The Velvac mirrors—including the best-in-class 2020 mirror system, West Coast mirrors, specialty mirrors, and blind-spot mirrors—and the high-quality replacement mirror components from this manufacturer are all manufactured to OE specifications. They are the living representations of the company's goal to develop and assemble mirrors that improve driving safety by lessening vibration in the mirror head and offering clearer views of the blind spots and passing lanes around the vehicle.

Cameras and Vision Systems

As a response to NHTSA's statement that "depth perception and object recognition are the keys to safe vehicle operation," Velvac developed some of the industry's most advanced vision and camera systems. And with the inclusion of sophisticated features and system components like the AeroCam, Road-iQ, and 5th Wheel dual camera, the Velvac vision systems are guaranteed to provide a dedicated and real-time view of the passing lanes and blind spots and recorded video data. With these systems, drivers can enjoy excellent blind spot elimination and intuitive visual experience that significantly improves driving safety and reduces the risk of getting involved in road mishaps. They also help the drivers in making safer responses and sound driving decisions, especially in times of emergency.

Air Products

Velvac parts, especially its air products, are proof that this company is true to its mission of improving driver safety and wellbeing by offering superior products and solutions that fully satisfy customers' needs. It continuously focuses on beefing up and upgrading its product categories to meet the evolving market conditions and customer demands. Manufactured to meet or exceed rigorous industry and government specifications, the Velvac air products provide customers with a complete picture of what the Velvac name stands for.

Fuel System Products

When you are thinking of protecting your truck or vehicle's lifeblood, Velvac has got you covered. Its product inventory includes an array of world-class fuel system solutions that will help protect your fuel from contaminants and restore your fuel management system's functionality. From its fuel locking caps to fuel tank valves and anti-siphon tubes, you will get parts with OEM-approved construction and proprietary locking features.

Fittings and hardware

The wide selection of OEM Velvac parts includes a comprehensive range of precision-engineered fittings and hardware. If you need a high-quality clevis, clamp, valve, bolt, or clevis pin, you can trust Velvac to provide you with high-quality yet cost-effective solutions. Velvac's line of high-quality fittings, on the other hand, includes inverted flare fitting, air brake tube fitting, discharge hose fittings, pipe fitting, air brake compression fitting, and a lot more. All the fittings and hardware from this manufacturer are sturdily constructed and highly resistant to breakage, regular wear, and damaging elements.

Electrical Products

Velvac also supplies the industry with a full line of premium-quality electrical solutions without any compromise. Its electrical cables, plugs and sockets, backup alarms, fuses, circuit breakers, solenoids, relays, terminal and connectors, and wire accessories are all made to help ensure driving convenience. With Velvac electrical solutions, drivers need not worry about the functionality of their truck accessories and electrical components and can focus more on driving.

Hose Support

When you need help in getting your big rig organized, Velvac has your back. With its hose support solutions, it will be easy for customers like you to keep your ride's hoses and cables neatly bundled and out of your way. From pogo sticks to hose holders and separators, hose support springs, king pin locks, hooks, and clamps, Velvac surely has the solution you need to ensure clean and organized cables and hoses.


If you need a high-grade emergency triangle kit that will help inform other people that your ride is in trouble, Velvac has the answer. This manufacturer even offers engineering-grade conspicuity tape that can stand up to adverse weather conditions and other damaging elements. Velvac also supplies the industry with top-of-the-line license and permit holders and document storage cases to keep your important documents safe and intact. Other components included in Velvac's line of accessories are wiper blades, tarp straps, radiator caps, and mechanic's wire.

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Whether your vehicle is in need of air, fuel or electrical power, Velvac offers a solution. Go to the air products section and you’ll find an assortment of air brake parts, including hoses, valves, chambers and dryers. They also make air cylinders for tailgate locks, gladhand couplers for tractor-trailers and pressure switches. Keep gasoline or diesel flowing with Velvac fuel tank valves, safety vents and caps — and prevent backflow or CO2 build-up with their anti-siphon tubes. They have hundreds of vehicle electronic products such as plugs, battery cables, relays and backup alarms.

But what good is all that equipment if the driver doesn’t know what’s around them? FinditParts has all sorts of Velvac mirrors for sale to give you the safe vision you need on the road. Rear view mirrors, side view mirrors, blind spot mirrors, hood mount mirrors — you’ll be able to see from any angle! Step things up with their camera and observation systems. These can run alongside a vehicle for better visibility when traveling or behind a truck and trailer to see while backing up.

Improve the reliability of your fleet or your personal RV with Velvac truck safety products. We know there’s a lot of options here, so feel free to call or email our team during normal business hours. We’ll assist you in finding the right OEM or aftermarket part to handle life on the move. Orders ship fast so you can enjoy the newfound smoothness of your ride.