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TRAMEC SLOAN Warning Buzzer Relay

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Warning Buzzer Relay
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About Tramec Sloan

Tramec Sloan is an American-based manufacturer and supplier of air products, electrical components, fittings, and fasteners for various commercial vehicles, heavy duty trucks, and industrial applications. It was formed in 2013 when Tramec LLC., a leading supplier of components to the heavy-duty tractor and trailer OEM and aftermarket sales markets, acquired Sloan Transportation Products, also a leader in manufacturing and supplying quality heavy-duty truck and trailer products. This acquisition significantly expanded Tramec Group's product portfolio and enhanced its presence in the heavy duty marketplace.

Over the years, Tramec Sloan has remained committed to its mission of manufacturing and supplying made in the USA products while developing excellent partnerships with customers and end users that it serves every day. Its comprehensive range of products has even become more diversified with the addition of merchandising, engine products, and accessories. This is to ensure Tramec Sloan continues to provide practical and innovative solutions for its partners in the heavy duty trucking industry.

Tramec Sloan takes great pride in its dedication to manufacturing products in the U.S. It believes that U.S. manufacturing is the backbone of the country. Also, it means products made are of higher quality and can support local communities. So, more than 75% of its products are manufactured in its three U.S. facilities located in Kansas, Ohio, and Michigan, and the rest are sourced from other U.S. companies.

Tramec Sloan Parts

Tramec Sloan knows how harsh the road can be. That is why all Tramec Sloan parts are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. This is to ensure they withstand up to sub-zero temperatures, prevent corrosion, and reduce downtime.

Air Products

The high-quality Tramec Sloan air products are designed to take a beating while keeping your truck on the road longer. Here are the most popular products under this product category:

3-in-1 and 4-in-1 Wraps

Made to combine components in one tight handle, the 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 wraps come standard using 3/8″ hose assemblies, in black or red and blue. They are also equipped with one 7-way ABS electrical cord that is tightly bound together and one of four handle types. They may also come with a hanger clamp, carabiner, and sleeve.

Tramec Sloan’s 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 wraps are designed to keep power lines organized while providing superior abrasion resistance. They are proudly made at three of its U.S. manufacturing facilities. And they are SAE J844 and DOT FMVSS compliant.

Coiled Air

Tramec Sloan’s coiled air assemblies have set the standard in the manufacture of coiled air products. They are made following the strictest manufacturing and testing processes at the facility in Holland, Michigan. And since they are assembled using only the highest quality components available, these products are guaranteed to last longer in service than the competition.

All Tramec Sloan coiled air assemblies are designed to meet FMVSS 571.106 and 593.45 requirements. Here are the options available for this product lineup:

  • Standard coiled air with swivel fittings
  • Standard coiled air with Dura-Grips®
  • Standard coiled air with brass handles
  • MaxxValue™ Coiled Air
  • Fifth wheel slider coils


For safer and more complete connections, Tramec Sloan offers a wide selection of gladhands. These gladhands are rigorously tested to eliminate the potential leak point between the grip and the gladhand. They are also designed to offer ease of installation and years of reliable use. For this product category, here are your options:

  • Angled Gladhands - These have two 3/8” pipe thread ports, a stainless steel clamp, and wear plate. Their anodized bodies are designed to resist corrosion effectively, and they have mounting holes for easy installation.
  • Cast Iron - These are made with a cast iron body for superior durability. Zinc plating with yellow dichromate helps prevent corrosion, while the two .34” dia. mounting holes make installation a breeze. This option also comes with a stainless steel return spring.
  • MAXXGrip™ - This option is Tramec Sloan’s most innovative gladhand as it features an ergonomic grip, reducing the chance of kinking airlines and extending their life. It has an integrated hex at the base for easier installation, and it’s made either of powder-coated cast iron or anodized aluminum that offers maximum corrosion and salt spray resistance during the winter months.

Hose Assemblies

Tramec Sloan hose assemblies are made using premium-quality materials to ensure they resist abrasion and harsh road and cleaning chemicals. They also meet SAE J1402 and DOT FMVSS 106 requirements, so customers can rest easy that the hose assemblies they’ll get from this brand are of the highest quality. Available in any desired length, hose assemblies from Tramec Sloan are the best options you can purchase.

  • Rubber air brake hose assemblies - These are available in black, red, and blue hose; and these are increasingly common in newer model trucks and heavy duty equipment.
  • Slider/bulkhead hose assemblies - These can be crimped directly onto the hose because they come with anchor fittings.
  • Tractor to tailor hose assemblies - These feature a swivel fitting on one end of each assembly.

Fittings & Fasteners

Repair and maintenance don’t have to cost an arm and a leg with Tramec Sloan’s wide array of fittings and fasteners. These products are specifically designed for heavy duty trucking, so rest assured that these will last longer than those from other manufacturers. If you are considering purchasing new fittings and fasteners for your rig, here are the top choices from Tramec Sloan:

  • Brass Flare Fittings - Designed for use with brass, aluminum, copper, and welded steel tubing, these fittings help connect fuel, oil, air, liquid petroleum, and natural gas lines. They are highly recommended for higher pressures, and they are designed to resist mechanical pull out effectively. Tramec Sloan brass fittings are machined at the Ohio facility.
  • Nylon Tube Air Brake Fittings - These are made suitable for use with SAE J844 nylon air-braked tubing in in-cab air controls or air brake systems. Under this category are elbow, bulkhead union, female connector, male branch tee, male connector, and more.
  • DOT Push-In Air Brake Fittings - Also used for SAE J844 tubing, these fittings are designed to resist mechanical pull-out and are easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Fasteners - Whether you need hex-head cap screws, automation locknuts, finished hex nuts, flat washers, nylon insert flange locknut, nylon locknut, and split-lock washers, this brand has got you covered.


All the electrical components you need—cables, receptacles, and wires—are available at Tramec Sloan. These are made using top-quality materials for better flexibility and connectivity, and they meet SAE J560 requirements, so rest assured these products are of the highest quality. They come in many different sizes and variants to suit your specific needs.

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