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This brand goes by quite a few names — Sealco, CVP, Sealco CVP — but they all refer to the same company: Sealco Commercial Vehicle Products. Sealco is a manufacturer and supplier of air brakes, air electrical, anti-lock systems and other brake and wheel end products for a variety of commercial applications worldwide.

Sealco has been producing ABS components and accessories since 1996. The company's high-quality products and affordable prices have helped it rise to international success in only a few short years, firmly establishing the brand as a leader in the industry.

Sealco products are known for their durability and low risk of catastrophic component failure. The brand's valves are produced using a unique zinc alloy with fewer microscopic holes and stronger threads than other materials, its air valves are tested both pneumatically and through submersion to ensure 100% leakage-prevention, and the brands harness systems are designed using ultrasonic welding machinery to ensure they stand up to any use and abuse on your projects.

All of Sealco's American-made products are built to last, but not everything lasts forever. To keep ahead of the curve so that you never go without a functional product, Sealco also produces repair kits designed specifically to maintain, repair, and/or replace the degrading component.

We at FindItParts have organized a selection of Sealco's most well-received products into three distinct categories: air system devices, brakes, and suspension and steering. To find the product that's right for your project, simply select the category you want and start sifting through the extensive list of pieces, parts, and hardware that Sealco through FindItParts provides.