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RED DOT Best Sellers

Red Dot Corporation has established itself as a global company that heavy-duty commercial vehicle owners can trust when it comes to premium mobile HVAC units and replacement parts. Since it was founded in 1965, it has expanded its product line to cater to the demands of the heavy duty trucking industry and agriculture, construction, and defense. Today, it has facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia that allow it to ship its products to hundreds of aftermarket distributors and OE customers worldwide. 

Red Dot's comprehensive catalog is organized into two sections: Units and Kits and Replacement Parts. The company's heaters and air conditioner units are made using Red Dot's advanced coil and blower technology to produce the highest capacity. And they are built with durable housing to protect against corrosion and premature wear. Just like any other HVAC units, Red Dot's heaters and air conditioners would require maintenance and service after some time. And this is where the replacement parts come into play. 

Red Dot's replacement parts are engineered to help existing Red Dot unit owners with their maintenance and repair tasks. From fittings, valves, motors, and actuators to air filter, evaporator, heater core, switch, and cables, Red Dot has got you covered. All these are made following Red Dot's strict quality control standards and are designed to fit and function like the original components for easy installation and seamless performance. 

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