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Kit Masters is a well-known manufacturer of pieces, parts, and hardware related to fan clutches. Such is the company's specialization; however, Kit Masters also produces a limited array of parts and accessories for brake systems and engines. When it comes to fan clutches, though, Kit Masters is one of the transportation industry's leading manufacturers.

Kit Masters produces its parts in a modular pattern, similar to certain government practices. What that means is that each product is built and designed specifically to match up with its various replaceable parts while simultaneously limiting the number of parts used in the production of the hardware. That solves one of the most frustrating problems that truckers face when using viscous fan clutches: excessive inventory stockpiling. In order to maintain, repair, or upgrade most viscous fan clutches, you have to keep a massive amount of inventory on hand. The practice that Kit Masters uses to design its products negates much of that complaint.

Though the company's fan clutches are the real breadwinners of the manufacturer's lineup, its engine parts and accessories are also of similarly high quality. Unfortunately, the company's particular modular engineering practice doesn't leave much variation to be found in its products. The parts are high-quality, made from top-tier materials (such as high-grade steel and brass alloys), and are useful for a variety of applications, but are also few in number.

Despite the company's limited portfolio of pieces, parts, and hardware, it has remained a serious trendsetter in the world of fan clutches.