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NTN Global, which is commonly referred to as NTN, is a manufacturer of precision mechanical parts and components for just about every kind of motor vehicle from a sedan to a bulldozer. It enjoys a global supplier and distribution network that enables the company to support truckers, drivers, and technicians in all corners of the world.

NTN is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, where it has secured its status as an industry-leading producer of aftermarket parts and hardware. When it comes to bearings, nobody beats NTN—at least not in terms of sales. NTN Global has the world's largest market share of hub bearings and the second largest market share of driveshafts.

The mechanical products that NTN manufacturers are quite diverse, as you might expect from a company as large as NTN. NTN employs over 20,000 engineers, product specialists, etc. at roughly 220 locations spread across 33 countries around the globe. Its product catalog includes products for four-door sedans, heavy-duty trucks, airplanes, windmills, and more.

In order to make it as easy as possible to find the NTN parts that are right for you, we at FindItParts have curated a list of nearly 3,000 NTN parts divided into two easy-to-navigate categories: Brakes and brakes and wheel ends. Each of these products is selected from NTN's expansive product catalog and placed into a searchable, scrollable list complete with pictures and—where applicable—cross-references with similar products.

To get started finding the NTN parts that are right for you, simply enter a keyword search, filter with checkboxes, or start scrolling.