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Isuzu is a Japanese manufacturing company that specializes in commercial vehicles and diesel engines. But it also produces parts and hardware designed for heavy-duty vehicles and industrial machinery. Some of these parts include filters and electrical parts for forklifts, air system devices for trucks, engine parts, and more.

Isuzu Motors Ltd. has a history that dates back to 1916. This is when two Japanese companies, Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. and Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co., began plans for automobile production. Three years later, Japan’s first truck was built. This launched a business that would continue to innovate and expand for the next century.

The first U.S. import of Isuzu trucks was in 1984 in Jacksonville, Florida. Since then, 500,000 have been delivered to North America, along with quality and durable automotive parts like engine parts, heavy-duty truck materials, and more. Isuzu has also expanded its production throughout the U.S. in places like Pennsylvania.

Today, Isuzu continues to break its sales records as a result of its solid reputation, particularly in the U.S. market. Its comprehensive product line-up is also continually updated to ensure it meets the changing customers' needs. 

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