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Isuzu is a Japanese manufacturing company that specializes in commercial vehicles and diesel engines. But it also produces parts and hardware designed for heavy-duty vehicles and industrial machinery. Some of these parts include filters and electrical parts for forklifts, air system devices for trucks, engine parts, and more.

Isuzu Motors Ltd. has a history that dates back to 1916. This is when two Japanese companies, Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. and Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co., began plans for automobile production. Three years later, Japan’s first truck was built. This launched a business that would continue to innovate and expand for the next century.

The first U.S. import of Isuzu trucks was in 1984 in Jacksonville, Florida. Since then, 500,000 have been delivered to North America, along with quality and durable automotive parts like engine parts, heavy-duty truck materials, and more. Isuzu has also expanded its production throughout the U.S. in places like Pennsylvania.

Today, Isuzu continues to break its sales records as a result of its solid reputation, particularly in the U.S. market. Its comprehensive product line-up is also continually updated to ensure it meets the changing customers' needs. 

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ISUZU 8-98246-506-2 sensor;def dcm ISUZU 290KT00030 vacuum pump & pulley kit ISUZU 8-12640-115-0 sensor; oxygen ISUZU 2-90654-404-0 element;o ISUZU 8982318983 injector asm; d ISUZU 5862023660 label coolant informatio ISUZU 5862039670 label srs caution ISUZU 2-94654-200-0 oil filte ISUZU 8123356250 molding asm frt bpr fasci ISUZU 8971658624 regulator asm door ISUZU 8920672160 manifold exhaust ISUZU 8-97359-807-0 nut; whee ISUZU 8971219830 stay asm gas hatch gate ISUZU 8975425400 element; fuel f ISUZU 2-9007N-000-0 filter; a ISUZU 8123356640 pad step rr bpr facia ISUZU 8123356270 molding asm rr bpr fascia ISUZU 8972206601 hose water eng to htr un ISUZU 8973223680 stopper rubber bushing t ISUZU 8970969284 air dam frt bumper ISUZU 8971433194 bumper rr side (rh) ISUZU 8150619390 lamp asm tail ISUZU 8971257833 supprt frt bum r ISUZU 8972196330 molding frt door right ISUZU 8972196340 molding frt door left ISUZU 8944345922 air dam f ISUZU 8972113922 coil asm. srs ISUZU 8970487211 gasket hd to cover ISUZU 8-98065-992-0 gasket;joint bo ISUZU 8971372901 bracket front body (rh) ISUZU 8-97066-250-0 cover; rr comb ISUZU 8971372911 bracket front body (lh) ISUZU 8970639470 knob kit cruise control ISUZU 2-90531-200-0 aisin scs ISUZU 8970886310 finisher ISUZU 8-94393-672-4 gasket; e ISUZU 2-94654-100-0 oil filter ISUZU 8123356260 bumper cover - () ISUZU 8975361051 pipe asm;exh manif ISUZU 8-12572-705-0 sensor; oxygen ISUZU 8971209080 tank fuel rodeo. 3.2l. all ISUZU 8-98079-755-0 gasket;jo ISUZU 8975425390 element kit; fu ISUZU 8-12555-806-0 gasket; e ISUZU 8-98037-481-0 element f/filt; ISUZU 2-9404R-001-0 pad kit;caliper ISUZU IZ1157610061 priming pump ISUZU 8-97601-144-0 gasket; e ISUZU 8-97600-167-0 gasket; e ISUZU 8-97211-691-0 pad kit; ISUZU 8126702530 sensor; oxygen ISUZU 1-09639-034-0 gasket; s ISUZU 5878324100 king pin kit ISUZU 5876101570 cartridge kit ISUZU 8970465130 clutch fork asm ISUZU 8944099210 bolt brk disc to hub ISUZU 8970715611 seal; oil,cr/sh ISUZU 8253230110 sender kit fuel tank ISUZU 8971251491 valve brake co ISUZU 8-97331-291-4 drum; brk ISUZU 2-90654-270-0 element; oil fi ISUZU 8972216271 bumper rr primer center ISUZU 8-97170-160-1 link; dra ISUZU 8-94248-117-1 seal; oil ISUZU 8-98078-793-2 pump; vac ISUZU 8-98049-314-0 mirror as ISUZU 8-94248-161-0 relay;glow plug ISUZU 8-98113-202-1 sensor; air flo ISUZU 8-98030-955-0 sensor; thermo, ISUZU 8-97360-423-0 pan asm; oil ISUZU 2945611000 element; oil fi ISUZU 8-97168-457-2 pin; whee ISUZU 8123356240 fascia frt bpr(primed) ISUZU 8-97161-734-1 cartridge kit;f ISUZU 2-9404R-000-0 pad kit;disc br ISUZU 0-91180-108-0 nut;oil pipe ISUZU 0-91510-514-0 washer; lk gen ISUZU 5-87832-022-0 shoe kit; ISUZU 8-98110-607-4 nozzle w/o core ISUZU 5-8115 1029-0 solenoid ISUZU 8973262330 pipe brk h/u to front ISUZU 8-98120-262-2 cap asm; filler ISUZU 8-97147-681-0 seal; oil ISUZU 8-97359-806-0 nut; whee ISUZU 8-97603-889-0 gasket; cooler ISUZU 8-98172-658-0 pipe;oil drain, ISUZU 8-98200-753-0 gasket; cooler ISUZU 8152644690 antenna rod ISUZU 8972887531 gear idle ISUZU 8-97255-072-1 motor asm; eng ISUZU 1-53612-037-2 cover;bat ISUZU 8-98171-254-0 bearing; ISUZU 8158131570 module asm inf rst strg w ISUZU 8970650730 collar wedge ISUZU 8973007903 thermostat ISUZU 8973618930 control unit e ISUZU 8-97147-614-2 pin; whee ISUZU 8-97406-962-2 bumper; frt,cen ISUZU 8-97601-967-0 sensor; m ISUZU 2-94561-113-0 air clean ISUZU 8-98299-946-0 valve kit;evap ISUZU 8983807470 absorber asm;sh ISUZU 29000B6000 splash guards frt crew ISUZU 8972935930 lock door frt door (l) ISUZU 8-98027-457-0 clip; seal ISUZU 8-97604-916-0 gasket;sl ISUZU 8126903860 filter asm-oil ISUZU 8975327510 booster; hydrau ISUZU 5876102360 belt; a/c cmpr ISUZU 29005P1000 cleaner;dsl fue ISUZU 8975131260 tube asm; def & ISUZU 8972139370 shaft axle rr ISUZU 8973137640 breather rr axle case ISUZU 8-98018-858-0 oil filte ISUZU 8-15027-074-0 gasket; e ISUZU 8-98051-491-0 bulb; hea ISUZU 8093836890 module asm sensor ISUZU 8942203470 sensor asm ther ISUZU 8983507160 filter kit; pump def ISUZU 8972921790 sunshade sunroof ISUZU 8943281589 tank fuel ISUZU 2901236070 reman nozzle asm; inj ISUZU 8-97365-284-0 support;f ISUZU 8941214750 key blank mastr ISUZU 8-94247-357-1 nut; frt ISUZU 8-97376-682-0 pipe asm; atf ISUZU 8-97023-976-1 seal,oil ISUZU 8170910961 valve asm trottle ISUZU 8982759090 sensor; pm ISUZU 2-90123-771-0 pump a w/o core ISUZU 8-98037-365-4 lever asm ISUZU 2-9404R-730-0 rotor; disk brk ISUZU 8982313912 sensor;def dcm ISUZU 8971305260 skirt frt fender pnl rh ISUZU 2-94561-102-1 oil filter;trans(cartrig) ISUZU 8971259690 plug spark ISUZU 8-98036-654-0 filter,fuel ISUZU 8970242560 sensor oxygen ISUZU 8983476143 turbo ki ISUZU 1-48100-625-4 valve;brk ISUZU 8-97603-401-1 filter asm; fue ISUZU 8253710520 fuel pump ISUZU 8-98241-334-0 lamp asm; head ISUZU 8982688112 pump asm; def, ISUZU 8253332291 pump fuel ISUZU 8-97168-456-2 pin; wheel, frt ISUZU 8-98028-398-0 sensor; thermo, ISUZU 8-98105-272-0 rotor; disc brk ISUZU 2-90123-210-0 starte w/o core ISUZU 2-9404R-720-0 rotor; disk brk Browse more...