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CRUSHPROOF 11AFLT250 flarelock hose for compact cars CRUSHPROOF ADF30 door port for 3 inch exhaust hose CRUSHPROOF DSR600 vertical smoke stack adapter for diesel trucks & buses CRUSHPROOF 11AYA300 3 inch dual exhaust y assembly kit CRUSHPROOF F675 2010 acura tl adapter – 3" x 11" CRUSHPROOF 17ARA300 tailpipe/stack adapters CRUSHPROOF YA300 3" y-assembly CRUSHPROOF ACT400DYNO 4" dynamometer exhaust hose CRUSHPROOF RA300 bell with snaps, 3" CRUSHPROOF RY30 exhaust hose y-connector for 3 inch tubing CRUSHPROOF ADF40 4" door port - aluminum CRUSHPROOF RY25 exhaust hose y-connector for 2.5 inch tubing CRUSHPROOF 16LDF25 2.5in. rubber door port CRUSHPROOF 17ARA250 tailpipe/stack adapters CRUSHPROOF FLT250 2.5” id x 11’ compact car exhaust hose with flared end CRUSHPROOF 1500010 1-1/2" x 10' vaccum hose CRUSHPROOF F475 bell-shaped adapter fitting for flare-lok tubing CRUSHPROOF 17AF300 straight tailpipe adapter with hook & chain CRUSHPROOF F575 oval tailpipe adapter for exhaust hose - 3.5"x8.5" CRUSHPROOF DSS30 3" serv station CRUSHPROOF 11AFLT300 flarelock hose for passenger cars CRUSHPROOF 16LRY30 y tubing connector CRUSHPROOF 16LSP30 3 inch connector CRUSHPROOF 11AFLT400 4" flarelock hose 11ft CRUSHPROOF ACT40-20 4" x 20' CRUSHPROOF ACT500 5" diesel truck CRUSHPROOF FLT300 11' x 3" flarelock passenger car exhaust hose CRUSHPROOF F475DYNO oval adapter for dynamometer hose CRUSHPROOF FLT350 3-1/2" x 11' flarelock hose w/ flared end CRUSHPROOF DF25 door port for 2.5 inch exhaust hose CRUSHPROOF 16LRY25 y rubber connector CRUSHPROOF 16LSP25 for 2 1/2" hose CRUSHPROOF AY40 4" aluminum y-assembly light truck CRUSHPROOF 17AF475 2.5" x 5.5" oval tailpipe adapter with hook and chain CRUSHPROOF DSR600-6 5.5" stack adapter