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Wilton, a global leader in manufacturing bench vises and clamps, has been holding strong since 1941. It was founded by Hugh W. Vogl, a Czech immigrant who designed a 4" vise with a unique patented bullet design known as the 40S Machinist Vise. During World War II, all Wilton vises manufactured in Chicago were sold exclusively to the US government to be used in making military equipment and ammunition.

After the war ended, Vogl and his son started building a solid distribution network beginning with the automotive supply network. They then expanded the Wilton product line and branched out into the industrial distribution network. These smart moves paved the way for Wilton to what it is today—the top-selling industrial vise manufacturer in the world.

Wilton features a full line of vises—bench vises, machine vises, and truck hitch vises. Some of the options for Wilton bench vises are bullet vises, light duty, industrial, woodworking, and POW-R-ARMS. The Wilton bullet vises have greatly improved, but they use the same patented bullet design to maintain the same high quality and integrity since 1941.

For milling and drilling needs, the Wilton machine vises are always up for the task. Wilton got milling machine vises and a full line of drilling press—general purpose, quick action, angle, and 2 axis. Meanwhile, for jobs that go beyond the workshop, the all-terrain truck hitch vises are the best choice.

Other products that complete the Wilton tools line-up are f-clamps, c-clamps, strut cutters, atomized cooling fans, and hand tools like hammers, mauls, and wedges. For your heavy duty trucks and trailers repair and maintenance needs, trust Wilton to help you get the jobs done. FinditParts carries a wide range of Wilton parts such as Wilton bench vises, clamps, hammers, and jaw caps. Check out our catalog and enjoy 24/7 shopping convenience.