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If you're looking for brake drums, rotors, or hubs with either aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, you're in the right place. Durabrake services both the medium-duty and heavy-duty trucking industries, specializing in the production of brake components and accessories for the commercial vehicle market.

Durabrake first hit the road over 60 years ago as a simple metallurgical manufacturer servicing the general automotive industry. As time passed, the company further specialized and tailored its product catalog to keep pace with the Golden Age of automotive design and the booming transportation and shipping industries. Through the use of a series of molding and melting innovations, Durabrake eventually secured its place on the front lines of the medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle markets.

Today, Durabrake is known for its high-quality brake and wheel-end products manufactured through the brand's automatic molding process. With help from Durabrake's sister brand, Durametal, Durabrake is capable of including high-grade iron and top-of-the-line steel into its products through the use of advanced electric melting equipment.

In order to help you find the Durabrake parts that are right for you, we at FindItParts have curated a list of the Durabrake brand's most successful pieces, parts, and hardware in the "brakes" category. That includes nearly 200 individual Durabrake brake parts organized into a searchable, scrollable list complete with pictures and— where applicable—cross-references with similar products.

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