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For over 32 years, MOTOR GUARD has been providing compressed air filtration systems, collision damage repair tools, and surface conditioning accessories for today's high-strength, steel uni-body vehicles. The company started in 1966, offering just the compressed air, oil, fluid, and other specialty filtration components and systems for the automotive industry. Today, it has included welding tools, custom compressed-air filtration modules, and refinishing accessories in its comprehensive product line-up. All these products are designed and engineered in its 40,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility located in Manteca, CA.

MOTOR GUARD is widely recognized for its "original" disposable compressed air spray gun filter. For years, this has been the go-to product of painters because it provides the ultimate solution to their worst nightmare—fisheye! This product has now been improved because of the introduction of High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) spray guns using shop air.  The new and improved MOTOR GUARD spray gun filter ensures only clean, dry, and oil-free air is supplied into the paint gun.

Other renowned products from MOTOR GUARD are its "ultimate" dent removal tools and its most "unique" sanding and refinishing tools. The Magna-Spot Stud Welders are the ultimate dent removal tools that feature the Exclusive Magna Pin System®. They are specifically designed to offer unparalleled quality and high performance for today's collision repair professionals. The MOTOR GUARD Sanding Block Jobber Display Board, on the other hand, features 14 of the most popular automotive sanding blocks. These sanding blocks help achieve a nice smooth finish for every application. 

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Featured Products (view all)

MOTOR GUARD RR-1 run razor MOTOR GUARD J20007 stud welding tip MOTOR GUARD AP-2 ultimate sanding block assortment MOTOR GUARD HT2 the holey terror sanding block, 2 pack MOTOR GUARD J20014 welding pins - bag of 500 MOTOR GUARD SB-3 soft block® flexible sanding block, 3 pack MOTOR GUARD RK-1 rocker-block® sanding block MOTOR GUARD FB-1 flexi-block rectangular shape MOTOR GUARD J20015 draw pins - bag of 500 MOTOR GUARD MB-1 display of 8 memory block MOTOR GUARD M-30 1/4” npt sub-micronic compressed air filter MOTOR GUARD WB1 wonder block - 3-pk MOTOR GUARD BG12-1 12" big-block® sanding block MOTOR GUARD D-12-2 d-12 disposable spray gun filters, 2-pack MOTOR GUARD RL-1 roller-block® sanding block MOTOR GUARD M-C100 activated carbon filter MOTOR GUARD JO1000 magna-spot entry level dent removal kit MOTOR GUARD JO1050 magna-spot entry-plus stud welder kit MOTOR GUARD E4000S stripe eliminator MOTOR GUARD E6100S magna-stripper al™ wheel MOTOR GUARD JMC007 1/8 double ended drill MOTOR GUARD MS2004 s shaped stakes for flat surface repair- 50pk. MOTOR GUARD MS2005 m shaped stakes for tabs & narrow sections MOTOR GUARD RKH-1 rocker-block 6" disc sanding b MOTOR GUARD MS2006 v shaped stakes for inside corner repair MOTOR GUARD 20014 draw pins - 2.0mm MOTOR GUARD DP-6000 air control jobber display board MOTOR GUARD AAV4059 air adjusting valve w/ gauge 1/2 nps MOTOR GUARD AAV4059MS air adjusting valve 6 w/merchandising strip MOTOR GUARD MS2007 w shaped stakes for outside corner repair MOTOR GUARD 20003 slide hammer, heavy duty MOTOR GUARD A310 hd automix gun 200ml MOTOR GUARD MF-35 magna-flex hose 3/8in x 35ft MOTOR GUARD MS2045 magna stitcher™ ironing tip MOTOR GUARD BG6-1 6-1/2" big-block® sanding block MOTOR GUARD SD-1 pad pro® foam pad cleaning tool MOTOR GUARD M723 sub-micronic filter element MOTOR GUARD MS2500 magna-stitcher plastic repair system MOTOR GUARD D12CJ d-12 disposable spray gun filters, jar of 25 MOTOR GUARD J20021 magna wire electrode kit MOTOR GUARD JO1500 magna-spot 1500 professional kit MOTOR GUARD MS2015 m-shaped stake for repair of tabs and narrow sections MOTOR GUARD MS2016 v-shaped stake for repair of inside corners MOTOR GUARD MS2017 w-shaped stake for repair of outside corners MOTOR GUARD MS-1 magna stitcher™ MOTOR GUARD J20006 shrinking electrode for fast heat MOTOR GUARD BB-1 hard backer block MOTOR GUARD J20003 magna slide hammer MOTOR GUARD JMC300AL 3" magna-cutter wheel MOTOR GUARD J20016 magna clamp MOTOR GUARD MS2014 s-shaped stake for repair of flat sections MOTOR GUARD MP-0295 tune-up kit mht-7000 MOTOR GUARD DD1008-2 disposable desiccant filters - 2-pk MOTOR GUARD M60RS air filter/regulator 1/2 npt w/ free repl filter for m30 m60