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Mayhew Tools is another name for Mayhew Steel Products, and it is called Mayhew for short. Mayhew is one of the oldest tool manufacturers in the United States and has been manufacturing punches and chisels longer than any other brand today.

Mayhew Tools was founded in 1856 and has been going strong for over 160 years. It only took a few short decades for Mayhew to become a household name in the country. Established in Western Massachusetts, Mayhew has deep American roots and stays true to its American heritage even today. Despite constantly expanding over the past 16 decades and employing countless more engineers, designers, suppliers, and distributors, Mayhew's headquarters remains in Massachusetts.

Mayhew Tools manufactures a wide array of tools, hardware, and equipment for various industries. Some of its products are standard and hand-guarded chisels, punches, pry bars, clamps, hex keys, screwdrivers, and other tools designed for applications like standard automotive work, heavy-duty trucking, and even professional racing.

Mayhew's Dominator line of tools is one of the brand's most notable lines for use in the pro racing industry. The flagship line of the MayhewPro series highlights a few qualities that Mayhew is known for, such as durability in design, ergonomic grips, and direct contact tools that work.

Since Mayhew's product catalog is so extensive, it can be difficult to find the specific Mayhew tools that you're looking for. That's why we, at FindItParts, have organized them into 15 unique categories covering essentials like Diagnostic Equipment and Power Tools as well as additional accessories.