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K Tool International is an American manufacturer best known by the name KTI. It manufactures a large number of tools, equipment, and hardware for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket use. Its expansive product line is designed to cater to a variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, and of course heavy-duty trucking.

K Tool International was founded back in 1984 and has gone by the nickname "KTI" ever since. Over the past several decades, KTI has heavily reinvested into the company's manufacturing process, expanding its ability to produce better products in greater numbers. KTI has also spent a significant amount of time and money researching and developing newer and better ways to design and produce tools and equipment for the automotive industry.

KTI bases most of its design practices around these three Rs: reliability, rugged design, and reasonable prices. This practice has enabled the KTI brand to secure partnerships with a large number of suppliers and distributors across the United States and Canada, including Puerto Rico.

For the most part, K Tool International parts fall into one of two categories: Brake, Tire, and Suspension or Miscellaneous shop tools and equipment. These products include KTI caulking guns, standard 6-point sockets, deep drive sockets, female-to-male adapters in varying sizes, and so on. To find the KTI tools that you need, you can either browse the list of pictures and—where applicable—cross-references, or you can just enter a keyword search.