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Founded in 1995, Hutchins Manufacturing is a family-owned manufacturer of portable sanders and other surface preparation tools and accessories. It is best known for its Model 800 line of orbital sanders, which had a unique 5-point suspension system that enabled it to perform heavy to feather sanding at full contact on a wide surface area. Today, Hutchins has hundreds of types of sanders, sanding pads and boards, and related accessories in its catalog. These are all proudly made in the U.S. and carry the Hutchins quality guarantee.

For automotive applications, Hutchins offers a range of orbital, straight sanders, water sanders, and vacuum-assisted sanders and sanding products for final finishing and aggressive sanding tasks. The sanders feature a low-profile vibration-free motor that ensures full contact sanding on various surfaces without having stiff fingers in return. The motors also feature a positive-action drive with air-efficiency technology that uses specially-engineered bearings to generate more power for less air. Selected models have a venture-driven exhaust that vacuums up sanding dust into a collection bag. All Hutchins sanders also undergo rigorous quality inspections and performance testing according to the company's rigid specifications.

From fine finishing to more intensive sanding applications, Hutchins sanders offer reliable performance for a variety of tasks. Here at FinditParts, we are proud to carry Hutchins sanders and sanding accessories at affordable prices. They are included in our comprehensive list of repair and maintenance tools and accessories for heavy duty vehicles and equipment. Browse our store to learn more about our exclusive offers.