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Keep your fleet up and running with Fluke test and measurement tools. This brand understands the fleet owner's and operator's need for rugged, dependable, and precise test instruments for the maintenance of their trucks and commercial vehicles. Fluke's awareness of the customers' needs and demands became its driving force in developing and supplying only the finest-quality measurement, test, and monitoring software and products for use in electronic design, manufacturing, and network troubleshooting, as well as in industrial, electrical, medical, process, and calibration applications.

Fluke Corporation is also the world leader in professional electronic test tools and software for measuring and condition monitoring for automotive and truck applications. Renowned for their portability, ease-of-use, safety, and accuracy, Fluke tools have become the industry's benchmarks for quality. This company is the industry leader in the manufacture of precision calibration equipment, instruments, and software to measure temperature, RF, electrical flow, and pressure. Among the many brands under Fluke's wings are Amprobe, Comark, Pacific Laser Systems, Raysafe, Pomona, and Universal Technic.
Thorough monitoring and precise measurement can save your fleet a lot of trouble. You must have the right tools for every test you'll carry out. If you're looking for Fluke products for your fleet calibration and for performing some tests, you've come to the right place.  FinditParts has them for you at prices that won't hurt your budget. You can get here a digital multimeter, continuity and current tester, fuse, back probe pin set, insulation resistance tester, and many other products from Fluke Corporation. Browse our selection now and take your pick.

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FLUKE 871173 630 ma 250v 15 a 600 v fuse FLUKE 203403 11a 1000v fast blow standard size fuse FLUKE AC220 suregrip™ alligator clips - plunger style FLUKE TL75 hard-point™ test lead set FLUKE TL40 slim flex test lead set FLUKE 803293 11a 1000v fast blow fuse .406in x 1.5in. FLUKE 179ESFP true rms digital multimeter FLUKE 365 detachable jaw true-rms ac/dc clamp meter FLUKE 374FC trms wireless clamp - 600a ac/dc FLUKE 830828 fuse 1a / 600v FLUKE 203411 fuse 440ma 1000v fast b-pk FLUKE 115 compact multimeter FLUKE AC280 suregrip™ hook clips FLUKE I410 ac/dc current clamp FLUKE TL222 suregrip™ silicone insulated test leads FLUKE TPAK toolpak™ meter hanging tools FLUKE FLK-3000FC-AUTO digital multimeter kit automotive wireless ac/dc voltage ac/dc current frequency continuity resistance diode test measurement FLUKE DS701 diagnostic 800 x 600 videoscope with dual view imager FLUKE TL220 6-piece suregrip industrial test lead set FLUKE T5-600 electrical tester flat FLUKE C35 soft case FLUKE 1AC-A1-II acs detector 90-100v FLUKE 871207 fuse - 1a/600-volt 5-pk FLUKE 892583 fuse - 15a/600-volt 1-pk FLUKE 289FVF rms logging multimeter FLUKE TL76 test leads 4mm FLUKE AC285 suregrip™ aligator clips FLUKE TL224 suregrip silicone test leads FLUKE H80M protective holster with magnetic hanging strap FLUKE 2073871 case bottom 1/2 flu88-5 FLUKE 2100482 rotary knob for 87-v FLUKE 117 electrician's multimeter with non-contact voltage FLUKE TL175 twistguard™ test leads FLUKE TL27 hd test lead set FLUKE PACK30 professional tool backpack FLUKE 117/323 multimeter & clamp combo FLUKE TL221 suregrip™ test lead extension set FLUKE AC175 threaded slide-on alligator clip set with flexible boots FLUKE RLD2 leak detector flashlight FLUKE 233/AKIT remote display multimeter FLUKE AC89 isulated piercing clip FLUKE TLK282 suregripâ deluxe automotive test lead kit FLUKE TP88 rigid backprobe pin set FLUKE 375-FC true rms ac/dc clamp meter