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Centric Brake Parts is a brand dedicated to the production and manufacturing of pieces, parts, and hardware covering brakes and accessories. The Centric brand is owned and operated by the larger company APC Auto Tech and functions as APC's brake parts division.

The Centric brand was founded in 2000 and has since been headquartered out of southern California in the United States. Centric's leadership prides itself on the brand's commitment to pursuing top-of-the-line research and development in every aspect of brake design, manufacturing, distribution, and so on. Although Centric only directly services North America, it's distribution network makes it possible to obtain Centric parts in other countries, though various regulations might impact the possibility of importing Centric parts to certain locations.

Centric's product catalog was originally centered around replacement parts for automobiles and trucks, but the brand has recently been expanding into a variety of other applications. Those new expansions include the armored vehicle, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market, racing, and performance markets.

In order to manufacture brakes and brake systems to be able to support the combined weight and inertia of multi-ton vehicles traveling at high speeds, Centric invests heavily in its research and testing capabilities. Every single part that rolls off of the Centric assembly line is rigorously torture-tested to ensure that the product achieves the level of durability and performance required by today's truckers.

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