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About Bosch

Motivated by its passion for creating products and solutions that are "invented for life," the Bosch Group provides the global market with mobility solutions, consumer goods, as well as industrial, energy, and building technology and services. This global leader develops and manufactures groundbreaking products and services that improve the quality of life worldwide and spark people's enthusiasm.

With roots that go back to 1886 when Robert Bosch opened a Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering in Stuttgart, the Bosch Group is backed by many decades of experience and expertise in product development and manufacturing and rich history of innovation and product excellence. Currently, it employs around 395,000 associates around the world and generated sales of 71.5 billion euros in 2020.

What paved the way for the company to become a global leader in the automotive parts market was the high-voltage magneto ignition system with a spark plug that a Bosch engineer invented. Aside from this innovative ignition system, Bosch also develops a comprehensive line of starters, lighting systems, alternators, horns, and many other components for Bosch's products portfolio.

Bosch Parts

The Bosch Mobility Solutions department takes advantage of the company's comprehensive and time-tested expertise in in-vehicle technology. It combines such technology with top-notch software solutions and services to provide customers with an extensive array of Bosch parts and mobility solutions. This Bosch department creates products and offers services for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, two-wheelers and powersports, mobility vehicles, off-highway, and large engines. The Bosch Mobility Solutions also cover a wide range of Bosch spare parts and workshop services, development services, and industrial elements and components.


Bosch continuously revolutionizes the commercial vehicle industry by supplying the American heavy-duty market with high-efficiency alternators for various applications. Whether you need refrigeration alternators that feature OE voltage regulator technology or universal alternators that deliver superb performance to meet the demands of heavy-duty trucks, industrial, and commercial applications, Bosch has your back. It also provides the market with long-haul bus alternators that ensure maximum charging power for tough, stop-and-go driving. Bosch also offers long-haul, high-output alternators that provide more power and output at engine idle and perform well under all operating conditions.


For starters that outperform and outlast OE units, Bosch is the name to trust. It manufactures commercial starters loaded with numerous technical features to match the specifications and needs of some of today's toughest service equipment. Bosch also engineers long-haul starters, including the SR9922LH and SR9920LH, that guarantee more power despite their compact and lighter construction.


When it comes to automotive and truck batteries, Bosch has some of the best choices that provide road warriors like you with top performance. For demanding starting situations, you've got Bosch's T6 AGM batteries. They are specially built AGM technology for high-performance needs, delivering a reliable supply of starting power under challenging situations. The brand is also famous for its T5 dual-purpose batteries with Full Frame technology. These batteries ensure maximum performance and cycle stability to match vehicles with frequent discharge cycles and high energy demand. The T4 quality batteries also feature Full Frame technology for heavy-duty applications that need normal energy levels. They work even in cases of frequent discharge or with the engine shut off.


Drive safely and with confidence, knowing that your rig is fitted with top-quality brake pads from Bosch. For peak all-around braking performance, count on Bosch Severe-Duty brake pads to deliver. These pads feature Advanced Aerospace Alloy Transfer Layer Technology for their friction material to ensure quiet operation, outstanding performance, and long service life. Severe-Duty brake pads have multilayer shims, chamfers, and slots that meet OE specifications to ensure proper fitment for your application.

Bosch also offers QuietCast™ Medium Duty premium brake pads, which provide medium-duty vehicles with longer pad life, quieter stops, and a great pedal feel. They also produce minimal brake dust and are made with strict adherence to OE friction formulas.


Because the government mandates medium and heavy-duty trucks to meet the EPA Emission Standards, Bosch manufactures Urea filters for truck manufacturers who want to meet such standards by using selective catalytic reduction (SCR). This technology includes Denonxtronic 2.2 dosing system that adds urea into the exhaust. When urea interacts with the SCR catalyst, the NOx emissions level is significantly reduced. This filter also contains high-capacity filter media that catches the urea driven into the dosing module. Like other filters, it also requires replacement according to the manufacturers' requirements.

Steering Systems

For your steering system parts replacement or upgrade, Bosch is always ready to help. It offers precision-made Bosch steering shafts that guarantee a secure link between the steering wheel and gear even in the harshest driving situations. For applications that require extra steering torque or rear-axle steering, Bosch power cylinders are there to the rescue. With their corrosion-resistant piston rod, these power cylinders ensure high resistance to internal corrosion. Their zinc-plated surface is what provides the unit with its much-needed protection against external contaminants.

In addition, Bosch steering gears are designed to serve as exact replacement units of the original equipment. The brand's list of steering gears ranges from the basic Servocom® single and dual circuit gears to the modern Servocomtronic® units, which are ideal for use in imported and domestic buses and trucks. As for steering pumps, there is a comprehensive selection to cover various bus and heavy commercial applications. All Bosch steering pumps have a durable construction to deliver high performance and high-capacity pressures for all driving demands.

Oxygen Sensors

For your commercial vehicle's oxygen sensors, Bosch has rich-burn and lean-burn versions. Also called Lambda sensor, the Bosch lean-burn oxygen sensor comprises two cells—the Nernst type potentiometric oxygen concentration cell and the amperometric oxygen pump cell. This sensor distinguishes residual oxygen content in the exhaust gas and reduces pollutants during combustion and while doing smoke measurement and gas analysis.

The Bosch rich-burn oxygen sensor, on the other hand, is a standard narrow-type sensor that works between 0 and 1 volts and is capable of accurately gauging a stoichiometric air/fuel ratio. It comes with a double laser-welded stainless-steel body and is submersible in water. An air-tight seal protects this sensor for contamination protection and longer service life.

Spark Plugs

Bosch is also well known in the commercial vehicle aftermarket for its top-caliber double iridium and double platinum spark plugs. Crafted and optimized for customers and businesses operating in biogas and landfill applications, the double iridium industrial spark plugs guarantee extended run times, minimizing engine downtime. This reduces the business operating costs and increases operator revenue. Bosch Double Platinum industrial spark plugs sport an ideal combination of century-old engineering expertise and durable construction to deliver unparalleled performance, reliability, and extended service life.

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