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Some fleet managers look at truck or fleet cleaning as an expense. Don't make the same mistake. While it does cost money to keep your fleet unsoiled and in good condition, its benefits often overshadow the cost. Keeping your big rig clean actually prolongs its service life. One way you can do this for your fleet is to "clean smart and clean safe" using high-quality spill kits, absorbent pads, and cleaning products from Breg International.

Established as a sports medicine company specializing in cold therapy and bracing in 1989, Breg built its reputation around customer care. Over the years, Breg's transformation from being a product business provider to a total solutions supplier has been possible due to its industry-leading strengths in technology and services.

Breg International, through its Breg Environmental department, was the first to manufacture portable kits for mistake-proof spill response. These Breg spill kits enable users to have a timely response to a variety of fluid spills. For fleet managers or shop mechanics like you, these spill kits also help protect your workplace, workers, garage, and the environment against harmful contaminants. Simply position the spill kits in key locations where emergencies and spills are most likely to occur. When the inevitable happens, you no longer need to waste crucial minutes looking for the absorbents to help you with the cleanup job.

Good news! Your needed Breg International spill kits, absorbent pads, and other products that will help you achieve more efficient cleanups in your shop or fleet garage are available here at FinditParts, 24/7. Order now and be surprised by how reasonable their prices are.