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General Manufacturing may not ring a bell for many people, but if you've asked for some light while fixing your truck, you may have used at least one of its products. Based in Bluffton, IN, General Manufacturing is one of the leading suppliers of portable work lights and accessories under the Saftlite brand. From construction sites to auto repair shops, General Manufacturing lights provide safe, reliable illumination even under the harshest work conditions. The company fields a dedicated team of designers with decades of expertise on the demands these lights and power supply reels are subjected to regularly. 

Because various industries use them for many applications, General Manufacturing has developed a wide range of lights whose output, pattern, and overall design are explicitly made to suit a particular use or requirement. Work lights are designed with a slim profile to fit easily in tight spaces and emit a soft glow that minimizes shadows, halos, and bright, piercing light. General Manufacturing machine lights, on the other hand, are built for heavy all-weather use with a ruggedized electronic driver and a water-resistant clamp that prevents spray from seeping into the light fixture. And for extremely hazardous work environments, General Manufacturing also offers explosion-proof lights with rough service bulbs, corrosion-resistant housing, and impact protection mechanisms that make explosions near-impossible to happen.

When you need reliable lighting on the go, trust only General Manufacturing lights. Here at FinditParts, you can browse from a wide selection of General Industrial Manufactures lights and lighting accessories. We offer OEM and aftermarket parts, tools, and accessories at very competitive prices.

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