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Motorcraft is a brand owned by the Ford Motor Company. The Motorcraft lineup of pieces, parts, and hardware includes products designed primarily to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for use in the production of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, but that's far from the only thing that this versatile brand is known for.

The Ford Motor Company produced the Motorcraft brand in 1972 to streamline the production of replacement and OEM parts for Ford automobiles. Motorcraft functioned as a replacement for the older Autolite brand. Of course, while Motorcraft officially got its start in 1972, the brand had been in production in the early 1950s, only to be discontinued when Autolite replaced it. That means that it's possible to find a rare Motorcraft part that's older than the official age of the brand itself.

Motorcraft is best-known today for its use in the production of OEM vehicles for the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brands. That said, the brand also produces an array of other parts intended for use in both OEM and aftermarket applications of other brands not owned by the Ford Motor Company. One example is the brand's line of oil filters, which services both Ford and non-Ford brands. Moreover, Motorcraft often takes in parts designed by other non-Ford manufacturers to produce them under the Motorcraft name, making Motorcraft a brand of many colors.

We at FindItParts carry a wide array of Motorcraft's best products, including parts and accessories for heavy-duty trucking as well as the tools and equipment necessary to get those products working exactly how you need them to.

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MOTORCRAFT FL500S oil filter MOTORCRAFT FA1883 element asy - air cleaner MOTORCRAFT DG470 ignition coil MOTORCRAFT FA1950 element asy - air cleaner MOTORCRAFT ZC32B2 windshield washer MOTORCRAFT FP92 filter - pollen MOTORCRAFT FD4615 fuel filter kit MOTORCRAFT WC8980 wc-8980 battery cable MOTORCRAFT MM1128 hvac blower motor - fan and motor assembly MOTORCRAFT WPT1161 wire asy MOTORCRAFT FA2031 element asy - air cleaner MOTORCRAFT FL2051S kit - element & gasket - oil f MOTORCRAFT ASH24541 shock absorber asy MOTORCRAFT YF3572 a/c hose assembly MOTORCRAFT KH874 hvac heater hose assembly - for 2015-2017 ford f-150 MOTORCRAFT STP48RM power steering pump - remanufactured, for 90-96 ford bronco / 90-97 ford f-150/f-250/f-350 MOTORCRAFT SW5940 switch asy MOTORCRAFT MM949 seat motor - front, lh, for 2003-2011 lincoln town car MOTORCRAFT FA1908 element asy - air cleaner MOTORCRAFT MM951 seat motor - front, lh, for 2003-2011 lincoln town car MOTORCRAFT PFB95 in-line fuel pump and filter assembly - for 2008-2010 ford f-250/f-350/f-450/f-550 MOTORCRAFT FT215 automatic transmission filter kit - for 2017-2020 ford f-150, 2018-2019 ford expedition/mustang, 2018-2021 lincoln navigator, 2019-2021 ford ranger MOTORCRAFT SA977RM starter - remanufactured - for 04-08 e-series, 03-05 ford excursion, 03-07 ford f-250/f-350/f-450/f-550 MOTORCRAFT KM5185 radiator coolant hose upper km-5185 MOTORCRAFT FA1947 element asy - air cleaner MOTORCRAFT SP546 sparkplug MOTORCRAFT PMPC195007393A touch-up paint MOTORCRAFT KH212 heater hose MOTORCRAFT XO15W405Q3SD engine oil-super duty diesel motor oil - 5 quart xo-15w40-5q3sd MOTORCRAFT BRF1899 kit-brakelining MOTORCRAFT CM5086 fuel injector MOTORCRAFT EV140 pcv valve MOTORCRAFT FL2016 engine oil filter MOTORCRAFT KT81 hvac heater pipe - for 1985-1994 ford bronco/f-250/f-350 MOTORCRAFT RF295 engine cooling fan and motor assembly MOTORCRAFT YH1624 hvac heater control switch - for 2000-2011 ford focus MOTORCRAFT CM5138 fuel injector MOTORCRAFT TM-191 automatic transmission modulator valve MOTORCRAFT YH1705 hvac cut-off switch MOTORCRAFT BT97 drive belt tensioner MOTORCRAFT FC1056 fuel tank cap - locking, for 04-07 ford f-150 / 05-07 ford five hundred/mercury montego / 06-07 lincoln mark lt MOTORCRAFT CX2500 cannister - fuel MOTORCRAFT BRMC-28 cylinder asy - master MOTORCRAFT CX1911 valve asm MOTORCRAFT DPFE20 exhaust gas recirculation (egr) pressure feedback sensor MOTORCRAFT DY1401 oxygen sensor MOTORCRAFT STP25RM power steering pump - remanufactured MOTORCRAFT BRRF474 rotor asy - brake MOTORCRAFT GLV9039RM alternator,110a MOTORCRAFT YF38123 a/c refrigerant suction hose yf-38123 fits 2016 lincoln mkx 3.7l-v6 MOTORCRAFT DY835 oxygen sensor MOTORCRAFT BRAB479 abs wheel speed sensor front right brab-479 fits 18-19 ford mustang MOTORCRAFT BRF1954 pad - brake MOTORCRAFT YA225 fan MOTORCRAFT YS342 idler asy MOTORCRAFT JK10-847 v-belt MOTORCRAFT PW423 engine coolant water pump MOTORCRAFT SF632 turn signal flasher - 5 terminal MOTORCRAFT YF-37485 tube asy MOTORCRAFT BRF1550 disc brake pad - rear, for 2014-2020 ford f-150 MOTORCRAFT PSH17 hose asy MOTORCRAFT BRTR66 tube asy - brake MOTORCRAFT FA1922 element asy - air cleaner MOTORCRAFT YH-1704 switch - air condit.syst MOTORCRAFT BRSD1611A disc brake pad set-pads - superduty front brsd-1611-a MOTORCRAFT FC1073 cap asy - fuel tank fill MOTORCRAFT AC2Z9030A cap,fuel MOTORCRAFT BR1790A pad - brake MOTORCRAFT BRT43 brake hydraulic line front brt-43 MOTORCRAFT SW6121 door open warning switch - front, lh MOTORCRAFT VC12 coolant MOTORCRAFT YS351 a/c idler pulley MOTORCRAFT SW8140 MOTORCRAFT BR1563A kit - brake lining MOTORCRAFT SW5219 brake light switch MOTORCRAFT WPT-1147 wire asy MOTORCRAFT SW-7273 seat switch-heated rear right MOTORCRAFT KM5153 radiator coolant hose km-5153 MOTORCRAFT WPT1460 turn signal and side marker light connector - front MOTORCRAFT DU81 engine camshaft position sensor MOTORCRAFT FT178 automatic transmission filter kit - for 2005-2007 ford five hundred/freestyle, 2006-2007 mercury montego MOTORCRAFT SW7080 door lock switch - front, lh MOTORCRAFT YF-37138 tube asy MOTORCRAFT KH450 inlet hvac heater hose - for 2007 ford f-150 MOTORCRAFT YB3041 engine cooling fan clutch - 98-06 ford expedition/lincoln navigator, 97-06 ford f-150, 97-99 ford f-250, 2002 lincoln blackwood, 2006 lincoln mark lt MOTORCRAFT WW1107 blade asy - wiper MOTORCRAFT XG1E1 grease - chassis lubrication MOTORCRAFT VC10A2 engine coolant/antifreeze - specialty green with bittering agent concentrate, 1 gallon MOTORCRAFT 48880626 brake rotor rear - ford e350 MOTORCRAFT BRF1959 pad - brake MOTORCRAFT ZC56 - MOTORCRAFT FT187 automatic transmission filter kit - for 2011-2019 ford f-250/f-350 / 2011-2017 f-450/f-550 / 2016-2019 ford e-series MOTORCRAFT FA1928 air filter - air cleaner element assembly MOTORCRAFT FL1A oil filter same as b12 MOTORCRAFT MEF-280 kit - spindle pin repair MOTORCRAFT ASH85976 shock absorber asy MOTORCRAFT JK6553 serpentine belt - v-belt MOTORCRAFT FL1995A kit - element & gasket - oil f MOTORCRAFT BRF13 pad - brake MOTORCRAFT FD4616 fuel filter MOTORCRAFT MEF283 steering knuckle front left mef-283 MOTORCRAFT WW1901PF prem flat blade 19 inch MOTORCRAFT ASH24561 shock absorber asy MOTORCRAFT DU100 sensor asy MOTORCRAFT HUB467 hubasy-wheel (p) MOTORCRAFT MDOE15 rod asy - drag link MOTORCRAFT SP520X sparkplug MOTORCRAFT FP88 filter-pollen MOTORCRAFT NHC22 heater asy - less radiator MOTORCRAFT ASH24651 shock absorber asy MOTORCRAFT BRRF9 rotor asy - brake MOTORCRAFT BRRF115 hub assy - wheel MOTORCRAFT FD4595 fuel filter - diesel MOTORCRAFT MM991 seat motor - front, lh MOTORCRAFT WW1201PF prem flat blade 12 inch MOTORCRAFT RAD94 radiator rad-94 MOTORCRAFT BRAB-2 sensor, abs rh MOTORCRAFT YG820 hvac heater control valve yg-820 fits 2018 ford f-150 5.0l-v8 MOTORCRAFT BRPV30 power brake booster vacuum pump brpv-30 fits 11-12 ford f-150 MOTORCRAFT FA1917 air filter assembly MOTORCRAFT FL820S oil filter MOTORCRAFT FT144 transmission filter MOTORCRAFT XY75W140QL oil - rear axle MOTORCRAFT WW1602PF blade asy - wiper MOTORCRAFT RH65 inlet MOTORCRAFT WC-95767 cable asy batt negative MOTORCRAFT FA1912A element asy - air cleaner MOTORCRAFT BRRF442 rotor asy - brake MOTORCRAFT PMP195007146A paint MOTORCRAFT BRR295 rotor asy MOTORCRAFT YF38043 tube - compressor to manifold MOTORCRAFT SW7016 turn signal switch - front, for 2014-2017 ford f-150/f-250/f-350/f-450/f-550, 2013-2014 ford taurus MOTORCRAFT KH576 hvac heater hose assembly - for 2011-2014 ford f-150 MOTORCRAFT CX2432 manifold absolute pressure (map) sensor - for 2011-2016 ford f-250/f-350/f-450/f-550 MOTORCRAFT FD4617 fuel filter MOTORCRAFT MEOE29 steering tie rod end adjusting sleeve - for 99-16 ford f-350 / 08-16 ford f-450/f-550 / 05-16 ford f-250 MOTORCRAFT DPFE5 sensor asy MOTORCRAFT FL820SB12 // oil filter same as fl820s MOTORCRAFT YB3000 engine cooling fan clutch MOTORCRAFT DY893 ignition control module MOTORCRAFT PS19 fuel tank sender assembly MOTORCRAFT BRF1474 pad - brake MOTORCRAFT TPMS19 tire pressure monitoring system (tpms) control unit - for 07-16 ford f-150, 08-09 ford f-250/f-350/f-450/f-550, 08-16 ford e-series, 07-08 lincoln mark lt MOTORCRAFT MEF209 suspension stabilizer bar link front mef-209 MOTORCRAFT PS403 sender a fuel tank MOTORCRAFT BRCF173 housing MOTORCRAFT BT86 tensioner MOTORCRAFT JK6-891-AA v-belt MOTORCRAFT KM3043 hose MOTORCRAFT SA1073 starter motor-oe sa-1073 fits 15-18 ford f-150 2.7l-v6 Browse more...