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Motorcraft is a brand owned by the Ford Motor Company. The Motorcraft lineup of pieces, parts, and hardware includes products designed primarily to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for use in the production of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, but that's far from the only thing that this versatile brand is known for.

The Ford Motor Company produced the Motorcraft brand in 1972 to streamline the production of replacement and OEM parts for Ford automobiles. Motorcraft functioned as a replacement for the older Autolite brand. Of course, while Motorcraft officially got its start in 1972, the brand had been in production in the early 1950s, only to be discontinued when Autolite replaced it. That means that it's possible to find a rare Motorcraft part that's older than the official age of the brand itself.

Motorcraft is best-known today for its use in the production of OEM vehicles for the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brands. That said, the brand also produces an array of other parts intended for use in both OEM and aftermarket applications of other brands not owned by the Ford Motor Company. One example is the brand's line of oil filters, which services both Ford and non-Ford brands. Moreover, Motorcraft often takes in parts designed by other non-Ford manufacturers to produce them under the Motorcraft name, making Motorcraft a brand of many colors.

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