SOLAR part description

Features and Benefits:

  • 800 cranking amps in 12 Volt
  • 3000 peak amps
  • 54" cables and industrial grade heavy duty clamps
  • Automatic charging
  • DC outlet to power a variety of 12 volt accessories

Ideal for car dealerships and towing.


1 yr warranty on material and workmanship

SOLAR ES6000KE Cross Reference

We have 2 alternatives for the ES6000KE by SOLAR:

The SOLAR® brand of battery chargers provides reliable, stable power for various automotive applications. SOLAR offers a range of portable battery chargers, wheel chargers, and battery chargers to get the job done, whether it's fast charging, battery maintenance and repair, or module reprogramming support. Advanced microprocessor-controlled logic ensures the chargers deliver precise charging routines to optimally power up and maintain individual battery units or battery packs. Each device also comes with over-voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, and smart clamp technology, battery fault detection, and other safety features. And as a testament to their quality, all SOLAR products come with a 1- to 2-year limited warranty.

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