3802-G-1619 by AXLETECH
3802-G-1619 by AXLETECH - Replacement for Axletech - AXLE

3802-G-1619 by AXLETECH

Part Number

Replacement for Axletech - AXLE



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AXLETECH part description



If you’re going to be pushing a vehicle to its limits, you want the toughest parts and the most advanced technology you can find. AxleTech has been designing and manufacturing components to be just that since 1919. After a century, they’re still the ones to trust with you need parts for heavy-duty trucks, military defense vehicles and off-road autos. There’s even an AxleTech International Motorsports division that makes gears and wheels for handling a different kind of vehicle stress. Shop at FinditParts to find a huge AxleTech parts catalog of products ready to ship today.

These parts are designed so your vehicle can take a pounding from head to toe without missing a beat. You would expect a company with “axle” in its name to be strong on this front, and AxleTech axles do not disappoint. Their end assemblies, link assemblies, tie rod ends, knuckle steering parts and other front axle components get the power you need to the wheels. The company is also a leader in truck drivetrain solutions. Order replacement or aftermarket gears, spindles, yokes, U-joints and more for going down the road.

Controlling that power is just as important, which is where brakes and suspension parts come in. We carry more than a thousand AxleTech vehicle brake components such as brake shoes, brake hub and drum assemblies, hydraulic brake pads, spring brakes, wheel studs and camshafts for stopping in your tracks. If being able to maneuver is the name of the game, their coil spring and return spring assemblies provide excellent ride control on heavy-duty vehicles.

Life in transit can seem like it’s out of control, but AxleTech parts will provide the quality vehicle performance you need for construction, transit, agriculture, airport ground support and much more. You’ll get that performance without blowing your repair budget with our competitive pricing and free ground shipping on qualifying orders. Call or email us and we’ll gladly assist you with finding the right parts and custom options.