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CHELSEA part description

Chelsea 238 Series Powershift Power Take-Off is designed for medium and heavy duty transmissions. It is a part of the 236 Series family with an 8-Bolt mounting flange.

In the past when you wanted to mount a Chelsea PowerShift (Air) Power Take-Off (PTO) to an eight bolt opening on a manual transmission, you have had to use our 236 Series with an adapter. Now Chelsea has eliminated the need for the use of an adapter in these applications with the release of the Chelsea 238 Series Power Take-Off (PTO) The 238 Series now gives you the ability to mount directly to the 8-Bolt openings just as you have done for years with the 489 Series. Using the same popular design as our 236 Series, the 238 Series will become standard for applications requiring an Air Shifted 8-Bolt Powershift PTO. Coverage will be on transmissions (Fuller, Mack, Spicer/TTC, Chelsea).

Products Features:
• Comes as a “KIT” PTO same input gears as 236 & 442 Series
• “Inspection” Cover – Set backlash accurately
• “Slip” Fit Idler Pin – Ease of Servicing
• Two Year Warranty

• LP Gas Trucks
• Water Trucks
• Fire and Rescue
Technical Specifications
Performance Characteristics
Mounting Style 8-Bolt
Shift Type PowerShift Pneumatic
Standard Output Shaft Size 1-1/4" Round w/key
Intermittent Torque Rating (Lbs-ft) 250
Intermittent Torque Rating (Nm) 339
Hosepower Rating for Intermittent Service
At 500 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (HP) 24
At 500 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (Kw) 18
At 1000 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (HP) 48
At 1000 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (Kw) 36
Approximate Weight: 49 Lbs. [22 kg]
* Check Application Pages for Actual Torque Ratings

Chelsea®, a division of Parker, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive selection of Power Take-Off (PTO) products for the mobile vocational and truck markets. Over the years, this company has grown exponentially, thanks to its global network of distribution centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It also attributes its continued success to the individual employee's full commitment to providing only the highest quality products to its customers worldwide. More people choose this brand because its board range of products is offered with varying torque capacities, internal speeds, and output options. So whatever your driven equipment requirement is, Parker Chelsea has got you covered.


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