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HALDEX part description

Product Attributes

Bore Diameter 3.15 IN
External Shaft Length 2.22 IN
Height 11 in
Intake Manifold Position Left
Length 10.08 in
OEM Number N7502D
Rated Displacement 8.5 CFM @ 1250 RPM
Related Part 102368BD, EQ2620, EQ2621, EQ2622, EQ2630, EQ2631, EQ2632, EQ2640, EQ2650, RN26JG, RNT26JA, RNT26JB, SN144R
Stroke 1.5 IN
Width 4.78 in

Part Interchanges

Haldex® is a Sweden-based manufacturer specializing in brake and air suspension systems for heavy duty vehicles. Its product line consists of brake components for wheel ends, including disc brakes, brake adjusters, and actuators. It also offers air control products such as compressed air dryers, valves, ABS, and EBS. All these Haldex products are designed with safety and efficient operation in mind, cutting down on potential hazards and maintenance costs in the long run. Today, Haldex runs manufacturing and R&D facilities in 19 countries across four continents. It is dedicated to producing high-quality brake and suspension parts for its customers all around the world as well as developing new technologies for the future.
HALDEX KN85021 Cross Reference

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