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TECTRAN part description

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When brakes are applied, insert the tool between the lining pads (or through the inspection slot) with the stepped side towards the shoe table and the notch side towards the drum. Slide tool in until it stops - the reading on the notch show how much lining remains

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Since 1972, Tectran® has been a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance tractor and trailer connection systems based in Buffalo, New York. The company is highly recognized for its range of AirPower hook-up lines, which come with revolutionary features such as kink-resistant tapered grips and rust-resistant brass construction. The company also offers a one-stop shop for line clamps, fittings, plugs and sockets, air tanks, junction boxes, trailer brackets, and other related parts and accessories. Tectran products are designed for the latest and older models of trucks, trailers, and buses, and they can withstand the most demanding applications. Each product is also built, assembled, and tested in-house to ensure safety and optimum performance.

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