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The "Original Spitznagel", Dent Fix Equipment's DF-15DX Spot Weld Drill applies precise cutting pressure pneumatically, meaning you don't have to push on the drill bit to obtain perfect results. The patented valves cylinder applies gentle pressure toward the panel, and then applies more pressure as the drill bit starts to turn. This "smart" pressure valve helps prevent bit breaks and applies correct, consistent pressure from the first to the last spot weld, ensuring extended bit life and preventing breakage.

  • 1,000 RPM motor makes sure you don't burn up bits prematurely
  • Easy-to-adjust bit depth offers prices spot welding depth
  • Comfortable pistol grip design with molded handle for maximum control
  • Lightweight construction at only 5.1 lbs. for improved control
  • <b>Notice:</b> Use DentFix or Spitznagel drill bits only

  • Spot Annihilator Deluxe Spot Weld Drill - DF-15DX
  • 8m HSCO Bit DF-1480
  • (2) 8mm Titanium Coated HSCO Spot Weld Drill Bit - DF-1680T
  • 10mm Titanium Coated HSCO Spot Weld Drill Bit - DF-1610T
  • Bottle of Pneumatic Tool Oil
  • In-Line Oiler
  • Deluxe Storage Case

Product Description

Spot Annihilator Kit

Since 1979, Dent Fix Equipment® has been professional technicians' go-to brand of tools, equipment, and consumables for fixing dents and doing other repairs and maintenance. The brand's objective is to provide customers with new products annually to help mechanics pull off their tasks more efficiently. Dent Fix equipment and tools also help the technician or DIYer finish his job with less risk of committing errors, saving him more time and money on every job. All Dent Fix products, from plastic staples, rivets, and rods to welder kits, undercoating tools, and work lamps, are designed by experts to lighten the mechanics' workload and minimize the stress they get by the end of the day.

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