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Fixing dents and scratches on your truck will always be a hassle, but with Dent Fix Equipment, you can make those repairs easier. For more than 40 years, Dent Fix Equipment has been the first choice for auto body repair tools, equipment, and consumables by drivers and mechanics alike. Dent Fix products are engineered to help both amateur and professional technicians to complete repairs faster and with a smaller chance of error, resulting in less downtime and workload. New products are also introduced nearly every year, providing customers with more efficient ways to accomplish their tasks more efficiently.

Dent Fix Equipment first made its mark in the industry in 1979 when its founder, Max Spitznagel, brought his DF-1 stud welder from Germany to the U.S. market. This groundbreaking welding tool virtually changed how dents in steel panels were repaired and cemented the company's reputation as a leading manufacturer in the auto repair tools and equipment industry. Today, Dent Fix offers a comprehensive selection of products for repairing steel, aluminum, and plastic body panels. The company also offers paintless dent repair systems that provide effective solutions against body panel repairs without further damaging the undercoat.

Dent Fix Equipment has the right tool or product for the job from removing damaged undercoating to drilling through strengthened steel. Here at FinditParts, we offer awesome deals on Dent Fix Equipment products. Browse through one of the most comprehensive catalogs online for maintenance tools, equipment, and consumables for trucks, tractors, and other heavy duty and commercial vehicles.