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Notes High Performance Exhaust Manifold Assembly Cummins N14 Engines PAI HP manifold includes additional manufacturing procedures and a high performance coating which further improves the efficiency of the manifold and the engine. The three individual sections are treated through PAI's Isotropic Super Finishing (ISF) process which greatly polishes the inside and outside of each section. A polished interior reduces pressure loss in the manifold and allows for smoother gas flow into the turbo. Next, the three sections are assembled with a high temperature sealant and are then coated with PAI's high temperature insulating ceramic coating ' Thermashield ' locking in the heat of combustion inside the manifold. This has two advantages: 1) less heat radiates out from the manifold which helps to keep the engine bay and engine cooler, and 2) the heat energy in the exhaust gas is not wasted and is instead channeled into the turbo, improving its performance and increasing the engine's efficiency. After the coating is applied, the whole assembly goes through a final machining step in a specialized CNC which machines all the mounting surfaces in a single step, perfectly aligning them on the same plane. Such precision ensures a perfect mating contact with the head, reducing the peak stresses on the bolts, eliminating the problem of cracking around the bolt holes, and providing for a better, longer-lasting seal.

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Backed by 40 years of part manufacturing experience, PAI Industries® has been providing the heavy-duty truck industry with high-quality service parts for the engine, gearing, exhaust, suspension, and electrical systems. This brand has been manufacturing its products in the USA since 1973, and it owes its worldwide success to its dedicated and experienced employees. PAI takes pride in being an ISO 9001:2015-certified auto and truck parts manufacturer, operating in a 54,000 square feet facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. PAI’s technicians also perform 100% testing and inspection in its oil pump, water pumps, gear, synchronizer, and cylinder head to ensure durability and reliable performance.
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